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Privacy-first chat platform for interacting with LLMs
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04-x is a privacy-focused chat platform that is primarily designed for interacting with Language Learning Models (LLMs). Its standout feature is its dedicated user privacy, with user data kept securely and solely accessible to the individual user.

Critical information such as API keys, prompts, and outputs are end-to-end encrypted with a provided password, ensuring a high level of data privacy. The platform supports a broad range of models including GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and DALLE 3 by OpenAI, Claude 2 and Claude Instant by Anthropic, and various offerings from Cohere, to name a few.

It also supports an assortment of open-source models capable of running locally using Ollama. Users can effortlessly conduct various tasks such as generating language-based outputs, summarizing texts, and interacting in a conversational manner with these AI models.

The platform features an intuitive interface that allows seamless navigation and operation. Users can choose to log in using their email or Google account.

While the listing is quite exhaustive, potential users can expect new models to be included since the platform is continuously updated to broaden its scope.


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Pros and Cons


End-to-end user data encryption
Supports GPT-4, GPT-3.5, DALLE 3
Supports Claude 2, Claude Instant
Supports various Cohere models
Supports open-source models
Allows locally run models
Language generation feature
Text summarization feature
Intuitive user interface
Email login option
Google account login option
Continuous updates
Dedicated user data access
Secure API keys
Encrypted prompts & outputs
Supports Ollama for local run
Exhaustive model listing


Limited login options
No multi-platform support mentioned
No collaborative features
No explicit offline availability
No mobile app mentioned
No details on data retention
Limited info on error handling


What is 04-x?
How does 04-x ensure user privacy?
What kind of data is end-to-end encrypted on 04-x?
Which AI models are supported by 04-x?
Can 04-x interface with GPT-4 and GPT-3.5?
Does 04-x support DALLE 3 by OpenAI?
Can I use Claude 2 and Claude Instant by Anthropic on 04-x?
What offerings from Cohere can I use on 04-x?
Can I run open-source models locally using Ollama on 04-x?
What tasks can I perform with 04-x?
How user-friendly is the 04-x interface?
Can I log in to 04-x using my email or Google account?
Are there plans for including new models to 04-x?
How often does 04-x get updates?
Can I use 04-x to generate language-based outputs?
Can I use 04-x for text summarization?
Can I engage in conversations with AI models on 04-x?
Is my user data on 04-x accessible to anyone else?
Does 04-x support interaction with AI models?
Can I run projects on a private server with 04-x?

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