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Capture and qualify leads with 11Sight's AI chatbot.
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11Sight is an omnichannel pipeline generation platform designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline lead generation efforts. The platform utilizes an AI chatbot to capture and qualify leads, providing users with enriched lead information and context for more efficient conversations.

It facilitates instant, one-click, inbound video calls from any online channel, offering a viable way to connect with high-intend leads in real-time. 11Sight offers seamless integration with existing CRM systems, and automatically updates them with meeting summaries, reducing data entry tasks.

In addition to lead generation and engagement, the platform offers solutions for marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations, all tailored towards boosting conversions, reducing operational costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The platform also offers enriched in-meeting information, smart lead routing, meeting security and privacy, and configurable, no-code integrations. Further, 11Sight supports third-party pre/in/post meeting integrations and provides features for live auditing, meeting recording, and transcription for data-driven learning and analytics.

The service is GDPR compliant, ensuring secure and private customer interactions.


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Pros and Cons


Enriched lead information
Streamlines lead generation
Instant, one-click calls
Video call integration
Effective CRM integration
Automated meeting summaries
Reduced data entry
Marketing optimization
Sales optimizations
Boosts customer satisfaction
Revenue operations solutions
Enriched in-meeting info
Smart lead routing
Meeting security and privacy
Configurable integrations
No-code integrations
Supports third-party integrations
Live auditing features
Meeting recording
Transcription for data analytics
GDPR compliant
Lead generation optimization
Pipeline generation
Real-time engagement
Data-driven learning
Chatbot qualification of leads
Track channels and campaign conversions
Prevents customer churn
CRM hygiene
Shorter sales path
Reduced operational costs
Helps with meeting prep
Reduces meeting no-shows
Optimized lead handoffs
End-to-End encrypted meetings
Integration with CRM
Future-proofed tech investments
Auditing & analytics for learning
One-point solution for all channels
Sales conversation with high-intend leads
Empowers BDR team
Fast sales conversion
3x more qualified leads
Inbound video calls from online channels
Real-time connection with leads
Automated updates in CRM
Unique customer engagement experience
Targets high value prospects


May overwhelm non-technical users
Requires GDPR compliance understanding
Reliant on good internet connection
High learning curve
Chatbot potential response limitations
Unspecified CRM compatibility list
Potential data redundancies
Limited meeting security details
No offline functionality
Unclear data transmission encryption


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