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Automates podcast creation through generation.
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2pods is an AI-powered podcast generation tool that aims to simplify the podcast creation process and remove the need for production or editing. The tool uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology and scripting to create a complete podcast, whether it's an existing or new podcast.

2pods claims to offer hassle-free automation of podcast creation, allowing users to focus on quality content creation. In addition to generating podcasts, 2pods has its podcast umbrella, Byte Podcasts, which includes NewsBytes - a daily news podcast that delivers top stories worldwide in a byte-sized manner.

The tool currently boasts followers from over 25 countries and has over 250 listeners. 2pods is powered by OpenAI and ElevenLabs, thus making it a promising platform for businesses or individuals looking to create professional-sounding podcasts efficiently.

The website allows users to choose the elements they want for their podcast, and the tool takes care of the rest. The website includes links to Byte Podcasts on various popular podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

The user can reach out to the team for more information. As a productivity tool, 2pods can be useful for podcasters seeking a way to automate production while focusing more on content creation.


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Pros and Cons


Automates podcast creation
Text-to-speech technology
Podcast scripting
Hassle-free creation process
Coverage in 25+ countries
250+ listeners
Integration with popular platforms
Includes NewsBytes daily podcast
Powered by ElevenLabs
Reinvent podcasting pipeline
Byte Podcasts umbrella
Customisation options
Links to Byte Podcasts
Supports new and existing podcasts
Promotes content-focused creation process
Proven user engagement
Community and partnerships coming
Partners with Spotify, Apple, Google


Dependent on text-to-speech technology
Limited customization options
Scripting may lack nuance
May mimic content style
Depersonalization of podcasts
No demonstrated editing features
No live recording option
Limited metrics available
Requires content script


What is 2pods?
How does 2pods work?
How does the 2pods automate podcast creation?
What kind of technology does 2pods use to generate podcasts?
What's the role of OpenAI and ElevenLabs in 2pods?
Does 2pods require any production and editing knowledge?
What is Byte Podcasts and how is it connected to 2pods?
What is NewsBytes?
How many followers does 2pods have?
Which countries are the users of 2pods from?
Where can I listen to the Byte Podcasts generated by 2pods?
How can I choose different elements for my podcast on 2pods?
How can 2pods help me to improve the quality of my content?
How can I contact the 2pods team for more information?
What's the user base of 2pods?
How can 2pods help me to reinvent my podcasting pipeline?
Can I sponsor 2pods?
Does 2pods have a presence on social media?
How can 2pods be useful for different use cases?
What features does 2pods offer to podcasters?

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