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Career feedback and critique.
Generated by ChatGPT

AI Roasts My Career is a tool that offers individuals the opportunity to have their career critiqued by an AI-powered system. It aims to provide users with honest feedback about their career progression, highlighting aspects that HR departments and friends may be reluctant to address.

Through the use of ChatGPT, an advanced language model, this tool generates brutally honest career assessments.To avail of this service, users are required to upload their LinkedIn profile.

They can then choose from various roaster personas, such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk, The Rock, or Snoop Dogg, to customize the tone and style of the career roast.

The tool promises to deliver an exceptional and impactful experience that helps users gain fresh insights and potentially identify areas for improvement.AI Roasts My Career aims to assist individuals in receiving feedback that may go beyond conventional professional evaluations.

It provides an alternative perspective on their career trajectory, offering a unique and potentially enlightening experience. By utilizing AI technology, this tool seeks to generate thought-provoking insights that users may find beneficial for their personal and professional development.Please note that AI Roasts My Career is a service provided by 6figr, a company committed to assisting individuals in enhancing their careers.

It is important to review the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the platform before utilizing this tool.


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Jul 15, 2023
this makes up for me missing trump so much on twitter, epic!

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Pros and Cons


Uses advanced language model
Provides brutally honest feedback
Uses LinkedIn profile data
Roaster personas customization
Insights for career improvement
Alternative to professional evaluations
Generates thought-provoking career insights
Differentiates from standard HR feedback
Service provided by 6figr
Customer data privacy policy
Exceptional and impactful experience
Variety of prominent roasters
Employs ChatGPT technology
Can assist personal development
All online, no physical meetings
Possibility to share career assessments
User-friendly interface
Roasts delivered quickly
Flexible payment options
Ability to switch roaster personas
Customizable feedback tone
Insights applicable for all careers
Offers additional career enhancement services
Modules for employers
Salary ranking comparisons
Impartial career feedback
Targeted job referrals
Job switch assistance
Fresh perspective on career
Interactive career roast experience
Active community for networking
Highly contextual career roasts


LinkedIn profile required
Limited roaster personas
Possibly offensive roasts
Lacks comprehensive feedback
Limited to career critique
Depends on ChatGPT technology
Lack of personalized advice
Potential privacy concerns
No option for human feedback
Bias based on roaster persona


What is AI Roasts My Career?
How does AI Roasts My Career work?
What is the role of ChatGPT in AI Roasts My Career?
How can AI Roasts My Career provide insight to my career progression?
Can AI Roasts My Career help me identify areas for improvement in my career?
How can I customize the tone and style of the career roast on AI Roasts My Career?
What types of personas can I choose from for my career roast in AI Roasts My Career?
Why do I need to upload my LinkedIn profile for AI Roasts My Career?
Is AI Roasts My Career a free service?
What type of feedback does AI Roasts My Career provide?
Who is the company behind AI Roasts My Career?
How reliable is the feedback from AI Roasts My Career?
What kind of privacy policy does AI Roasts My Career have?
What are the terms and conditions for using AI Roasts My Career?
Which users can benefit from AI Roasts My Career?
Can employers use AI Roasts My Career for their employees?
Can AI Roasts My Career help me compare my career progression with others?
Can AI Roasts My Career project future career paths based on my current career?
Why is the roast done by personas such as Donald Trump or Snoop Dogg in AI Roasts My Career?
How does AI Roasts My Career differ from traditional professional evaluations?


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