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Data team training through interactive courses.
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A Data Coffee is a chatbot-powered tool that aims to train teams on data and analytics through interactive mini-courses. The tool integrates directly with Slack, allowing team members to access training courses without leaving their workspace.

The interactive mini-courses are designed to be completed in a short span of time, such as the duration of enjoying a cup of coffee.The tool offers learning paths on various themes related to data, including marketing, sales, and product.

Team members can choose their preferred learning paths and decide when they want to receive the courses. Learning paths consist of a series of courses that can be assigned to team members, and progress can be tracked through the tool's interface.A Data Coffee eliminates barriers to learning by delivering interactive courses directly in Slack, the tool that teams already use on a daily basis.

This ensures that team members can quickly develop their data knowledge without the need for a separate platform. The tool also provides a user-friendly interface to track everyone's progress.In addition to its training features, A Data Coffee offers a robust payments platform and simplified card issuing, aiming to streamline checkout and optimize platforms.

The tool provides support 24/7 for any inquiries or issues that users may encounter.The pricing structure includes a free plan that accommodates up to two learners, making it suitable for solo entrepreneurs and small teams.

For additional learners, a per-learner monthly fee applies, with the option to save 20% by opting for an annual payment.Overall, A Data Coffee provides a convenient and comprehensive solution for teams to build their data culture and enhance their data expertise.


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A Data Coffee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Slack integration
Interactive mini-courses
Short course duration
Varied learning paths
Customizable course timings
Progress tracking interface
Robust payments platform
Simplified card issuing
Streamlined checkout
24/7 support
Pricing for solo and small teams
Discounts for annual payments
Course additions every month
Option to request specific courses
Can add up to 200 learners
Interface for tracking progress
Smart dashboard
Optimized platforms
Faster transaction approval


Only integrates with Slack
Limited free plan
Cost per additional learner
Requires separate sign up
Small course selection
Max 200 learners
Progress tracking in separate interface
Learning paths not customizable
Courses time-bound to short durations
Unclear learning path structure


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