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Abney is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate written assets from podcasts. It automatically creates show notes, episode titles, descriptions, blog posts, keywords, and social media posts from podcast recordings.

Abney claims to be the fastest and most accurate way to produce written content from podcasts. The tool's process begins by uploading an audio file of a podcast episode.

Abney then transcribes the audio and uses its AI algorithms to extract relevant information from the transcription. It identifies keywords, summaries, and metadata, which it uses to generate the written assets.

Abney's pricing is not disclosed in the available text. The tool's website includes a "Create Account" option, which allows users to create a free account or use paid subscriptions to access advanced features.

Abney was developed by a London-based startup and is part of a suite of podcast-related products that includes hosting software bCast. The tool is designed to help podcasters increase search engine optimization and reach a broader audience by creating written content that provides additional access and context to podcast episodes.

Abney may be useful for podcasters looking to save time and effort in creating written assets from podcast recordings.

Abney was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates show notes
Creates episode titles
Generates descriptions
Blog post creation
Keyword suggestions
Social media post generation
Free account option
Extensive podcast-related features
SEO optimization capabilities
Aids in audience expansion
Saves time in content creation
Automated process
Availability of advanced features
Transcribes podcast episodes
Identifies keywords and summaries
User-friendly website layout
Produced by a startup
Developer has relevant industry experience


Transcription inaccuracies
No disclosed pricing info
No multi-language support
No editing feature
Limited to audio files
Requires podcast upload
Possibly extracts irrelevant keywords
Dependence on audio quality
Lacks user customization options


What is Abney?
How does Abney work?
How can Abney help elevate my podcast?
What is the process Abney follows to generate written podcast content?
What types of written assets can Abney create from a podcast episode?
Can I use Abney for free?
What additional features do I get with Abney's paid subscription?
How does Abney identify keywords and summaries from my podcast?
Is Abney accurate in transcribing and analyzing my podcast content?
What is bCast and how is it connected to Abney?
How can I upload my podcast audio file to Abney?
How is Abney useful for increasing my podcast's search engine optimization?
Does Abney also generate social media posts related to my podcast?
Can Abney create blog posts from my podcast episodes?
What are Abney's pricing options?
How can I create an account on Abney?
How fast can I expect Abney to generate written assets from my podcast?
Is Abney effective for all types of podcast genres?
Where is Abney's team based?
Can I use Abney to save time in creating written assets from my podcast recordings?

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