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The Call Recorder App by AnswerSolutions LLC is a tool that enables users to record and transcribe phone calls on iPhone and Android devices. With a focus on achieving the best possible audio quality, the app utilizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to record phone conversations in the cloud.

Additionally, the tool incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) capabilities to transcribe recorded audio files into readable text documents, complete with speaker separation and time codes.The app is compatible with the USA and Canada phone systems, allowing users to record conversations in any language.

However, the transcription feature currently supports English, Spanish, and French languages. Key features of the Call Recorder App include the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls, including calls already in progress and those conducted through headphones.

Users can also record conference calls, provided their mobile plan and the conference service support line merging. Timestamped transcriptions are available upon request, and users can easily share recorded audio files and transcribed conversations as text documents.The app offers straightforward pricing without hidden fees, accompanied by a 60 initial credit minutes for free.

Additional minutes can be purchased as needed. The app is ad-free and does not require a subscription. It is compatible with modern Apple and Android phones.Overall, the Call Recorder App provides a user-friendly solution for recording and transcribing phone calls, with an emphasis on audio quality and convenient sharing options.


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Pros and Cons


Best possible audio quality
Cloud recording capability
In-depth machine learning
Works on iPhone and Android
Compatible with USA, Canada phones
Language support: English, Spanish, French
Records incoming and outgoing calls
Records calls in progress
Record through headphones
Conference call recording
Timestamped transcriptions
Document sharing options
Straightforward pricing
No hidden fees
60 initial credit minutes
Ability to purchase extra minutes
No subscription required
IVR technology
Transcribes audio into readable text
Supports speaker separation, time codes
Allows recording any language
Supports 'Merge and Call' feature
Easy audio and transcription sharing
Recorded call history
Separate SignUp with Phone Number
Free app download


Limited language transcription support
Compatible with North America only
No subscription option
Pay-per-use only
Requires external service for transcription
Could become expensive with usage
No multi-platform availability


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Can Acallrecorder record calls in progress?
Can Acallrecorder record conference calls?
How can I share the recorded calls or transcriptions from the Acallrecorder app?
What is the cost of using Acallrecorder?
Does the Acallrecorder app have any hidden fees?
Does Acallrecorder provide free trial minutes?
Are there any ads on Acallrecorder?
Does Acallrecorder require a subscription?
Which devices are compatible with Acallrecorder?
How can Acallrecorder help professionals in various fields?
Can I get a timestamped transcription of my recorded calls with Acallrecorder?
How can I purchase additional minutes on Acallrecorder?
Where can I download the Acallrecorder app?
Does Acallrecorder work with USA and Canada phone systems?
Does Acallrecorder transcribe calls in languages other than English, Spanish, and French?
Does Acallrecorder allow recording of calls conducted via headphones?

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