Team management 2023-02-09
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Developed engineering leadership growth solution.
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Ace is an AI co-pilot tool designed for engineering leadership. It aims to benefit both engineering managers and developers by saving them from monotonous routines, stagnation, and burnout.

Ace automates mentorship, growth, and feedback in dev teams, making it easier for managers to constantly develop people skills and motivate their team.

The tool offers features such as skill matrix, OKRs, meetings, test and surveys, blog, webinars, and community. Ace identifies strengths and areas for improvement, giving actionable insights on how to develop required skills with mentor and material recommendations.

The tool also notifies managers about potential burnouts and automatically creates a meeting agenda for them to address it with their team.Ace helps identify the best candidates for promotion and high potential performers based on their career paths and the objectives set.

It also tracks how much time developers are spending in meetings versus coding and provides recommendations for optimizing the balance.Ace offers insights and advice on how to improve productivity in developers, such as adding mentor sessions or courses and generating agendas.

It also regularly updates growth plans based on reviews, feedback, working activity, and business goals with the latest materials and resources from a curated knowledge base.

Overall, Ace is a valuable tool for engineering leaders looking to automate people growth and improve their team's performance and skills while retaining top performers.


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Pros and Cons


Automates mentorship
Automated growth
Automated feedback
Skill matrix feature
OKRs functionality
Feature for meetings
Test and surveys tool
Blog feature
Webinars tool
Community feature
Identifies strengths
Identifies areas for improvement
Provides actionable insights
Mentor recommendation
Material recommendation
Burnout identification
Automatic meeting agenda creation
Identifies candidates for promotion
Identifies high potential performers
Tracks time in meetings versus coding
Recommendations for optimizing work balance
Productivity improvement suggestions
Regularly updates growth plans
Offers latest materials and resources
Curated knowledge base
Improves performance and skills
Retains top performers
Increases transparency
Improves motivation
Improves performance
Prevents unexpected layoffs
Offers coaching for effective mentorship
Generates meeting agendas
Generates visualized data points
Automates people growth
Offers integration with other software
Analyzes work patterns
Notifies behavioral and communication issues
Analyzes merge and pull requests
Analyzes commits
Provides insights on team velocity
Gives collaboration insights
Analyzes meeting time tracking
Identifies skill demand
Identifies low risk team members
Offers flexible privacy settings
Offers permissions customization


Limited customization options
Only fits software engineering teams
No multi-language support
Reports can be overwhelming
No offline functionality
No mobile app available
Limited third-party integrations
No real-time support
Lacks predictive analytics
No freemium version


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How does Ace help in improving productivity in developers?
Does Ace offer any resources for learning and development?

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