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Unlimited vocals for music production.
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ACE Studio is an AI tool that enables users to create limitless AI vocals for music production. It features an advanced AI singing synthesis engine that leverages cutting-edge AI technology to deliver natural and expressive vocal performances while maintaining fast synthesis speeds.

The tool offers AI singers proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese, allowing users to access high-quality vocals for their music production projects.

Many of the AI singers within ACE Studio can be used for commercial purposes.One of the key highlights of ACE Studio is its multidimensional AI emotion parameters that provide control over various aspects like breathing, air, falsetto, tension, and strength, allowing users to express a wide range of emotions seamlessly.

The tool simplifies the vocal production process by providing a convenient one-click conversion of dry vocals into MIDI clips with lyrics and pitch. Users can easily drag and drop their dry vocals into the singer-track, eliminating the hassle of manually inputting lyrics and notes.Furthermore, ACE Studio facilitates the creation of unique timbre and singing styles by blending voices and utilizing diverse voice seeds.

This feature caters to the diverse vocal production needs of users. The tool is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems, with specific version compatibility mentioned.

Users can download ACE Studio directly from their respective platforms, and the contact email provided allows for further inquiries. Overall, ACE Studio empowers music producers to explore the endless possibilities of AI-generated vocals in their creative endeavors.

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May 1, 2024
Hi there! This ACEStudio sound very cool! Please can we have the cloud-based version? Some of us doesn't have the system requirements for install the ACEStudio for windows.

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