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Fusing real-time audio, transcription, and AI for efficient communication.
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Actual Chat is an advanced communication tool that combines real-time audio, live transcription, and AI assistance. The tool is designed to boost efficiency in communication, offering users the ability to respond quickly and engage more frequently without the stress of traditional calls.

The system produces a live transcript, which transforms spoken words into written text, in real time. The transcript is not just a written record of the conversation, but a way of streaming voice and text together.

Users can choose to either listen to the chat in the same way a call is listened to, or read through the transcription. This ensures that no moment is missed and each conversation can be revisited either by playing back the audio or reading the text.

Actual Chat is also flexible in functionality, offering users an option to maintain anonymity by hiding their accounts during a chat. This feature doesn't transmit voices, but users can still communicate through the live transcription.

The system also promotes users' speech clarity, filler word usage, and phrasing by providing instant transcription. In the realm of business communication, the tool aims to enhance productivity and inclusivity.

The tool stands out in several use cases such as family chats, friend chats, remote team communication, webinars, online classes, presentations and customer support.

All these advantages make Actual Chat an inclusive way to foster effective and productive communication while supporting individuals even in loud environments or those with hearing impairments.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time audio
Live transcription
Instant text from voice
Streaming voice and text
Anonymity feature
Audio or text replay
Improves speech clarity
Supports hearing impaired users
Transcript for every conversation
Effective for various use cases
Efficient remote team communication
Useful for webinars
Practical for online classes
Boosts customer support
Loud environment compatibility
Background noise suppression
Transcription aids in detailing
Complements any streaming platform
Engages audience actively
Helpful in improving communication skills
Reduces dependency on traditional calls
Benefits both young and old users
Suits home and work environments
Supports late entries in conversations
Reduces context urgency in calls
Accessible and comfortable medium
Eliminates call anxiety
Supports filler word usage
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Requires good internet connectivity
Ineffective without clear speech
Anonymity feature may encourage misuse
Transcription errors possible
Doesn't support non-verbal communication
Might not support all languages
Dependent on voice clarity
No explicit data security details
Requires user adaptability for effectiveness
May struggle in noisy environments


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