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Empowering your advertising with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered advertising platform designed to provide services ranging from the generation of conversion-focused ad creatives to comprehensive competitor insights.

Relevant for all businesses, from startups to large enterprises, this tool is a hub for data-driven advertising strategies. Its suite includes tools for generating impactful ad texts and visuals, aimed to make advertising campaigns stand out in a highly competitive market.

Users can generate hundreds of ads, test and find the best-performing ones and automate these processes for more efficient strategies and enhanced conversion rates.

The platform is also capable of generating product photoshoots through AI, minimizing the practical constraints of traditional photoshoots. One of the significant aspects of is its ability to score ad creatives.

Users can score their ad creatives, giving them insights into their potential performance before launch. This capability makes the iterative process of developing high-performing advertisements faster and more targeted.

Furthermore, the platform provides an analysis of competitors' top-performing ads which enables users to refine their own advertising strategies effectively.

In summary, is a comprehensive, AI-powered tool for creating, testing, and refining ad campaigns based on data and competitor performance for improved business outcomes.


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Apr 12, 2024
Creat presentaion and temper about connection security system
Sep 27, 2023
signed up with credit card for free trial and then was immediately told I ran out of credits before even exploring the platform or creating anything. Couldnt even cancel plan as it says i have outstanding invoices. SEEMS LIKE A SCAM.

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Pros and Cons


Generates hundreds of creatives
Pre-scores ad creatives
Allows simultaneous collaboration
Generates product photoshoots
Generates focused ad texts
Unlocks insights on competitor ads
Comprehensive campaign optimization
Generates complete ad packages
Produces ad performance analysis
Generates social post creatives
Platform and ad integrations
Optimized for scalability
Text generator included
International languages support
Offers unlimited free stock
Tracks best-performing creatives
Whitelabel readiness
Generates video ads
Improved conversion rates focus
Up to 25 users
Unlimited generation of creatives
Crafts engaging ad visuals
Decreasing design process time
Month-to-month and yearly plans
Generates sales-focused texts, headlines
Multi-platform support
Special offers on plans
Option for custom plans
Google Ads credits
Linked to major platforms
Professional grade photoshoots
Potential performance insights pre-launch
Focus on high-ROI ads
Wide application: startups to enterprises
Data-backed ad creatives generation
14x higher conversion rate
Over 95% improved CTR
Integration with ADYOUNEED, Zapier
Unlimited premium iStock assets


Limited platform integrations
No mobile app available
Limited users in one account
No whitelabel (Logo Changes)
No automatic ad placement
Restrictions on photo uploads


What is
How can increase my conversion rates?
How long does it take to generate ad creatives with
Can assist with ad testing and automation?
Can provide insights into my competitors' ad performance?
Is suitable for use with e-commerce stores and startups?
What does the text generator do?
How does integrate with Google and Facebook?
Can multiple users generate creatives simultaneously on
What are the monthly and yearly plans offered by
What is the AI Photoshoot feature of
How does score ad creatives?
Can provide advice on ad campaign optimization?
Does have a data-driven marketing approach?
How does analyse ad performance?
What is the potential benefit of integrating with ADYOUNEED and Zapier?
What aspects of my ad campaign can refine?
How can help my ad campaigns stand out in a competitive market?
Can help determine which ads are the best-performing?
Do I get any Google Ads credits with

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