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Earn revenue from your GPTs with in-chat ads
Generated by ChatGPT

AdIntelli is an AI tool specifically designed to monetize Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) through in-chat advertisements. This tool aids in generating revenue by embedding ads into GPT chat environments to grow a GPT related business.

AdIntelli accomplishes this by tapping into several global ad networks and leveraging advanced AI-driven technology to optimize the value of each impression across all networks.

This approach proves appealing for advertisers who aim to promote AI apps, whilst also serving as an effective channel for promoting GPT apps. An integral feature of AdIntelli is its nonintrusive method of advertisement integration.

Ads are designed to blend seamlessly into GPT conversation, offering a personalized user experience. This method is speculated to attract higher user engagement, potentially enhancing the likelihood of ad clicks.

The tool emphasizes an ease-of-use approach and allows embedding of ads into your GPTs within a very short time and does not require any advanced coding skills.

The proprietary AI embedded in the tool ensures strategic display of content at opportune moments to ensure a holistic and seamless user experience.


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Feb 23, 2024
Very user-friendly, simple to integrate, and a great idea. Keep it up.
Jan 29, 2024
Avoid, doesn't work

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AdIntelli was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 14th 2024.

Pros and Cons


Monetizes GPTs
In-chat advertisements
Global ad networks integration
Optimizes ad impressions
Nonintrusive ad integration
Blends ads into conversations
Personalized user experience
Boosts user engagement
Increases ad click likelihood
Quick ad embedding
No advanced coding skills required
Strategic content display
Seamless user experience
Optimal ad revenue generation
No-code integration
Time-saving tool
Appealing for advertisers
Maximizes every ad impression
Exclusivity for higher bids
Ads optimized for GPTs
Smart content placement
Enhanced user retainment


Limited to GPT environments
Might disrupt user experience
Dependent on ad networks
No advanced customization tools
Unclear reporting features
Relies on user engagement
Lacks user targeting capabilities
No-code aspect may limit functionalities
Only for in-chat advertisements
Assumes high click-through rate


What is the purpose of AdIntelli?
How does AdIntelli work?
Why should I choose AdIntelli?
Which global ad networks does AdIntelli collaborate with?
What is GPT monetization?
How does AdIntelli help in generating revenue for my GPT-related business?
How does AdIntelli integrate advertisements?
What does it mean when AdIntelli promises a non-intrusive method of ad integration?
Are the ads inserted by AdIntelli in chat interfaces personalized?
How is user engagement potentially enhanced by ads generated by AdIntelli?
Does harnessing AdIntelli require advanced coding skills?
How long does it take to embed ads into my GPTs using AdIntelli?
How does the AI in AdIntelli ensure strategic ad display?
What determines the optimum moment for displaying content in AdIntelli?
In what ways does AdIntelli benefit advertisers of AI apps?
Does AdIntelli only work with GPTs?
Do the ads generated by AdIntelli appear naturally within a GPT conversation?
Is it possible to optimize the value of each impression across networks with AdIntelli?
How do I sign up for AdIntelli?
How can AdIntelli help to grow my GPT business?

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