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Automated sales process enhancer.
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The Auto-complete next steps, Salesforce & emails tool is a Sales AI assistant designed to streamline and enhance the sales process. It automates various tasks such as completing Salesforce updates, follow-up emails, and pitch decks, saving users a significant amount of time.With no setup required, users can quickly send pre-drafted emails for efficient follow-ups.

The tool also generates accurate notes that focus on the key aspects that matter to sellers, helping users stay organized. Additionally, it updates CRMs automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry and preventing users from being chased by their managers for outdated information.The tool offers the ability to auto-generate accurate follow-ups based on recorded calls, sparing users the hassle of re-listening to them.

Users can define the sections, and the tool's AI generates the content, ready to be reviewed, edited, and sent once the call ends.Call notes are fine-tuned for sales purposes, capturing important details such as the three Whys, MEDDPICC, and business impact.

The tool's Smart Summary feature identifies the customer's main points and themes, ensuring nothing crucial is missed. Notes can be saved to the user's CRM or any preferred location.The pricing model includes two months free for new users, followed by a monthly fee of $15.

All features are included in one package, with new features being added regularly. Payment is requested at the end of the free months.Overall, the Auto-complete next steps, Salesforce & emails tool offers an efficient and convenient solution for sales professionals, helping them save time, stay organized, and improve their follow-up processes.

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