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Improve spoken audio with AI filtering.
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Enhance Speech from Adobe is an AI-powered audio filter designed to enhance the quality of spoken audio. Its primary function is to process raw audio and refine it in such a manner that it appears to have been recorded in a professional, soundproofed studio.

By integrating advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, this tool expertly fine-tunes noise and dissonance in spoken audio, resulting in clear and high-quality sound output.

The application is user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate its features and reap maximum benefits from its capabilities. Ideal for podcasters, broadcasters, and any individual or business with audio refining requirements, Enhance Speech can deliver studio-grade audio quality virtually, regardless of the initial recording conditions.

It's a free tool, making it accessible to large and small scale users. However, it's noteworthy this tool doesn't substitute professional audio editing software but enhances the audio quality based on the AI's interpretation of a soundproofed studio recording.

In terms of usability, the tools efficiency may vary based on the quality of the raw audio input.

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Community ratings

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Jun 20, 2024
The result is more than disappointing; in some cases, it is even significantly worse than the original condition. I cannot understand why ADOBE would put its name on such an inferior product. Especially as it is relatively easy to achieve much better results with AUDITION. My tip for the best voice enhancement: IZotope.
Feb 28, 2024
Can't recommend - Robotic voice
Feb 19, 2024
I've noticed its output can sometimes feel a bit too robotic and synthetic for my taste.
Jan 30, 2024
Privacy Nightmare. Your content will belong to Adobe.

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Pros and Cons


Reduces background noise
Minimizes reverberations
Removes undesired distortions
Detects and removes unwanted noise
Automatically adjusts audio elements
Volume adjustment
Pitch adjustment
Frequency adjustment
Can add audio effects
Removes audio errors
Detects inconsistencies in speech
Ideal for podcasters
Useful for broadcasters
Can handle any audio refining
User-friendly interface
Delivers studio-grade audio quality
Free tool
Can be used regardless of initial recording conditions
Doesn't replace professional audio editing software
Efficiency varies based on raw audio quality


Doesn't substitute professional editing
Efficiency varies with raw audio
May misinterpret some noises
Only enhances spoken audio
Effects limited to reverb, echo
User reviews not visible
Can't handle severe distortions
May incorrectly process mispronunciations
Lacks advanced editing options


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