Email writing 2021-11-25
Personalized email response generation made efficient.
Generated by ChatGPT

Adool is a Chrome extension designed to help users generate email replies quickly and efficiently. It utilizes AI technology to generate personalized responses and can be used with any language, making it a great tool for multi-lingual users.

It is free to use during the beta release and all that is asked in return is feedback. Adool does not read or store any emails or private conversations and users can delete their accounts by sending a message.

It is a keyboard-first extension, making navigation and composition of emails faster and easier. With Adool, users can say goodbye to the tedious task of crafting the perfect response and hello to more time spent on what truly matters.

Adool was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Generates quick replies
Multilingual support
Free during beta
Doesn’t store private conversations
Account data deletion
Keyboard-first focus
Customizable response tone
Efficient email navigation
Professional response generation
Helps with Gmail only


Only for Gmail
Chrome extension only
Keyboard-first may limit users
Possibly temporary free usage
No self-account deletion
Depends on GPT-3
Beta version uncertainties
Requires sign-up
Needs periodical feedback


What is Adool?
How does Adool work?
What is the primary function of Adool?
Is Adool free to use?
In which languages can Adool generate replies?
Can Adool be used with any email provider?
How can I download and install Adool?
Does Adool read or store my emails?
How do I compose emails using Adool?
How quick are the replies generated by Adool?
Can Adool support multiple languages?
How do I use keyboard shortcuts with Adool?
Can I alter the tone of responses in Adool?
What's the benefit of using Adool?
Why is Adool a 'keyboard-first' extension?
What information is required to sign up for Adool?
How can I provide my feedback to improve Adool?
How do I delete my Adool account?
How do I contact the people behind Adool?
What is GPT-3 that Adool uses for generating responses?


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