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The universal editor for work, play, and creation.
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AFFiNE AI is an all-in-one artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to enhance productivity in various areas. It aims to improve efficiency and quality of work by providing robust features and functions.

Key features include writing assistance, where AFFiNE AI provides insights, tones, and content summaries in part of a dynamic workflow. It also provides drawing aids that translate ideas into visual elements like mind-maps to foster impactful communication.

For presentations, this tool ensures the creation of ready and polished slides with the use of prompts. The Chat with AI feature is designed for obtaining real-time insights to questions.

It also presents an Inline AI assistant that helps with the improvement of tone, spelling, and content summaries. Beyond these, it has an extensive feature for creating presentations and generating mind maps with AI, all aimed at enhancing productivity and thinking patterns.

Furthermore, it guides the conceptualization process in a bid to turn ideas into reality. Staking a claim in data privacy, AFFiNE AI only sends related content information to third-party AI vendors when in use.

AFFiNE AI can be used in local workspaces as well, activated simply by logging into the associated AFFiNE Cloud account. The tool can also be utilized in both Page and Edgeless Mode of a document, allowing users to enjoy flexibility in the use of AI assistance across different document formats.


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May 14, 2024
Seems good , but do not have single easy to use step guide to help use it. Its like your learn and then it works . They could prepared a small cheat sheet to make their product easy to use . I am logging out

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Pros and Cons


Universal editor
Writing assistance
Presentation generation
Data privacy
Drawing aids
Text summarizing
Mind mapping tools
Workflow automation
Conceptualization guide
Content generation
Local workspace usability
Page and Edgeless Mode support
Work, play, and creation
REAL (conceptualization to completion)
Prompt assistance
Flexible document format adaptation
Change tone/fix spelling & grammar
Visualize your mind
Create quality content
Create engaging presentations
Auto-sorting and auto-tagging
Summarize content into mind-maps
Chat entry in sidebar
Click 'Expand sidebar' to activate
10 trial experiences for free
Unlimited usage for early users


No built-in data storage
Data shared with vendors
Limited free trial
Paid service only
Limited customization
Potential future usage restrictions
No offline mode
No mobile application
Edgeless mode might be confusing
No open source SDK


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