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Personalized customer ticket resolution via chatbot.
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Cohere is an AI-powered platform that provides customer support assistance by finding answers from previous tickets. It uses advanced analytics to identify potential issues and content gaps with customer inquiries, and leverages its large language models to provide accurate and personalized answers.

The platform also offers automation for fast-growing customer service teams, helping them to resolve up to 60% of tickets and improve customer satisfaction.

Cohere is further integrated with existing support resources and service desks, allowing customers to instantly turn support articles and past conversations into personalized answers.

Finally, its success team works with customers to identify the biggest opportunities for automation and measure and drive ROI.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized customer ticket resolution
Advanced analytics identification
Automates 60% ticket resolution
Improves customer satisfaction
Integrated with existing resources
Turns past conversations into answers
Automation opportunity identification
ROI driving capabilities
Serves answers, not just keywords
Step-by-step solution guidance
Uses existing support articles
Anticipating customer trends feature
Content gap detection
Large language model utilization
Self-improves over time
High efficiency reported by users
Fast implementation period
Integration with existing service desk
Supports chat, email, SMS
Dedicated success team support
Fast ROI proof
Personalized flow optimization
Ticket resolution over any channel


Dependency on previous ticket data
Lacks voice response capability
Requires JavaScript enablement
Absence of independent analysis
Personalized flow optimization needed
Limited platform integration
ROI measurement requirement
Deflection rate ambiguity
No multilingual support
Lacks real-time learning


What is Cohere?
How does Cohere leverage AI for customer support assistance?
What type of automation does Cohere offer for customer service teams?
How much ticket resolution can be achieved by Cohere?
Can Cohere be integrated with existing support resources?
How does Cohere's success team help customers to achieve ROI?
How does Cohere's AI understand language?
Can Cohere guide users through resolutions step-by-step?
What advanced analytics does Cohere offer?
How does Cohere ensure accurate answers to customers?
Does Cohere use previous tickets to provide answers?
Can Cohere automatically reply to repeated questions?
What kinds of companies can benefit from using Cohere?
Can it be used for both B2C and B2B products?
Which service desks can Cohere be integrated with?
Can Cohere help to provide personalized support?
How does Cohere help to anticipate customer trends?
What outcomes can we expect from using Cohere?
What is Cohere's typical go-live time and self-serve rate?
Does Cohere have a dedicated success team?

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