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AI Assist by airfocus is an AI-enabled tool designed specifically for product managers. The tool is integrated directly into the airfocus platform, and provides a host of features aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency.

It facilitates generating ideas or first drafts on a blank page swiftly, saving valuable time for the user. One of the tool's primary features is its ability to analyze sentiment from product feedback, simplifying complex technical jargon and providing brief summaries.

AI Assist employs 'slash commands' for initiating a first draft, thereby alleviating issues related with writer's block. It also provides editing suggestions to hasten the process of generating insights.

The tool also offers specific prompts tailored for product managers, including brief product requirement document creation, user story generation with specific completion steps, making text non-technical, discovering valuable information in long or unstructured texts, and analyzing sentiment for insightful understanding of product feedback.

Finally, AI Assist can summarize long texts to provide a short overview, aiding in discerning the value of a lengthy read.


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Pros and Cons


Integrated into airfocus platform
Automated prompts for ideas
Analyzes feedback sentiment
Simplifies technical jargon
Includes slash commands
Provides editing suggestions
Creates user stories
Generates product requirement documents
Makes technical language non-technical
Time-saving solution
Swift first drafts generation
Alleviates writer's block
Uncovers valuable information in texts
Summarizes long texts
Non-technical text creation
Detailed user story generation
Focuses on big picture
Increases productivity and efficiency
Discover valuable pieces of information


No multi-language support
Strictly for product managers
Depends on airfocus platform
No offline capabilities
Lacks API for integration
No sentiment analysis visualizations
No video tag support
No advanced text analysis
Unfit for non-technical domains
Prompts may be ineffective


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