Writing 02 Feb 2023
AI Assist by airfocus
Assistant for writing product documents.

Generated by ChatGPT

AI Assist by airfocus is a powerful solution for product managers that unlocks the potential of AI. AI Assist is integrated directly into the airfocus item descriptions and comments, providing the user with a range of automated prompts that can help to generate ideas, produce first drafts, analyze feedback sentiment and simplify complicated technical jargon.

AI Assist is designed to help save time on repetitive tasks and focus on the big picture, while providing users with powerful slash commands and editing suggestions to be faster and more efficient.

AI Assist’s range of prompts are tailored towards product managers, providing detailed user stories, product requirement documents and the ability to make technical language non-technical.

Overall, AI Assist provides an invaluable solution for product managers, helping to increase productivity and save valuable time.


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