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Chatbot for website customer support.
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AI Chat is a service that allows users to create AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots can learn important information and interact with users on various platforms.

Creating a chatbot is made easy with just a few clicks, where users can choose a name, avatar, and the information they want the chatbot to learn. AI Chat provides a simple link to use the chatbot, and users can also integrate it into their websites using a provided script.

The chatbot is capable of understanding different document formats, including PDF, text, and spreadsheets. Integration into websites is simplified by generating a script that can be easily copied and pasted.

The chatbot supports multiple languages, allowing users to provide documentation in different languages and configure the chatbot accordingly. While AI Chat offers a free plan with basic functionality, there are paid plans available for more advanced and business needs.

The chatbot's ability to answer complex questions depends on the completeness of the information provided by the user. AI Chat is designed to continuously learn from the user's documentation, becoming more intelligent over time.

For further inquiries, users can ask questions directly to the chatbot on the AI Chat website.


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