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Create and manage AI Chatbots for your business.
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This tool offers an AI chatbot for facilitating customer support on websites and various messaging platforms. It utilizes autonomous AI with human customer support agents to handle interactions efficiently.

Besides websites, the service extends support to desktop and mobile applications as well. The AI chatbot uses the latest AI models for operations and can be created without any coding, making it user-friendly.

In addition to AI chatbot essentials, the tool also provides features such as smart-reply AI suggestions, unified CRM dashboard, and omni-channel customer support.

The tool can connect and manage messages from various platforms like Google Business Manager, Slack, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, MailChimp, WhatsApp, and Viber.

The tool is native multilingual and capable of auto-translating for messages. It allows a smooth management of customer relationships using autonomous AI, support agents, and more.

Moreover, the tool provides insights through CRM analytics and reports. Additionally, it includes features to enhance productivity and provide insights like typing animation, AI suggestions, user information and conversation history.


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Pros and Cons


Limited free plan features
Monthly message limits
Paid plan for adding agents
Agent availability customization not clear
Additional cost for platform extensions
Language translation not specified
Limited CRM analytics
No codeless dashboard setup


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