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AI Copywriter is a tool designed to leverage AI to enhance your landing page or website copywriting. The tool allows users to input text, and with its built-in AI technology, it drafts, edits and refines copy according to given requirements.

The tool comes with a user-friendly interface accessed by entering a page URL. Once a page is loaded, users can select text they wish to improvise, and an AI-powered copywriting toolbox is activated.

The toolbox is equipped with a wide variety of features. It encourages users to outline their specific needs and feed the AI with important keywords. This will give direction to the AI and steer the direction of the copy it creates.

Once the 'Generate' or 'Create' button is pressed, the AI starts its work and presents a first draft. If unsatisfactory, users have the flexibility to resubmit and tweak parameters to alter the outcome, ensuring a desired result.

Sharing the final copy across various channels is also made straightforward, promoting the swift publication of AI-enhanced text. While the tool is powerful, users are reminded to use it responsibly to maintain integrity in content creation.

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May 9, 2024
Hi Henrik, i've been looking over your product since i also just launched a very similar one and i was curious about it, By playing around with your product on my website, it seems like the output is not correctly parsed, it gives me something like this: 0:"Y" 0:" generation" 0:" in" 0:" your" 0:" browser" 0:"."
May 9, 2024 looks pretty slick man. Yeah it was some update from one of my packages that caused it as i was deploying another version. Now fixed and getting back human readable text :)
May 9, 2024
Works like a charm now! Congrats on the product. How is the launch going so far?
May 9, 2024
It's going okay I guess in the sense that atleast some people are using it. We'll see how it will all go. Best of luck mate! <3
May 7, 2024
Super nice for webflow previews before sending to a client.

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly Interface
Edits and Refines Copy
Input Text Flexibility
Specific Needs Outline
Keyword Feed Option
Automated Drafting
Result Tweak Option
Sharing made straightforward
Responsible Usage Encouraged
Text Refinement Feature
Website Copy Editing
Text Selection Option
Wide Variety of Features
Load page via URL
Landing Page Enhancement
Content Creation Capability
Automated Text Improvisation
Swift Publication of Text
Outcome Altering Flexibility
Flexible Resubmission Option creation
Landing Page Optimization
Web Content Improvement


Requires manual text selection
No batch processing
No direct integration with CMS
No text analytics
Limited keyword input
No multilingual support
Dependent on page URL
No API for developers
No style or tone adjustment
Single user interface


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