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Improves speech audio in apps.
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ai|coustics is an AI tool that enhances speech audio quality using advanced algorithms. Their Generative Speech AI technology enables users to have professional-grade audio quality in any situation, whether recording a podcast, video conferencing, or transmitting audio.

The tool does not just suppress background noise but also removes room resonances, compensates for low-quality headsets, and repairs digital artifacts to improve the clarity and quality of spoken words.

It even brings back lost components and frequencies of the audio signal. The AI tool is perfect for any audio-focused application, including telecommunications, podcasting platforms, audio recording or transmission hardware, and speech-to-text systems.

Integrating ai|coustics into an audio application is simple with their HD-SPEECH API AND SDK and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android, and iOS platforms, running in embedded, desktop, and cloud environments.

Users can experience the power of the tool firsthand by visiting their PLAYGROUND PAGE, where they can see and hear the transformative effects of AI Speech Enhancement in action.

ai|coustics also provides contact information, including email, phone, and address, as well as links to their site notice and privacy policy. Users looking to improve the audio quality of their speech applications can benefit from ai|coustics' advanced AI algorithms that elevate audio quality to professional-grade standards.

AI-coustics was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Background noise elimination
Audio signal restoration
Removes room resonances
Compensates for low-quality headsets
Repairs digital artifacts
Improves clarity of spoken words
Integrates in any audio-focused application
Suits telecommunications
Suits podcasting platforms
Compatible with audio recording/transmission hardware
Useful for speech-to-text systems
Windows support
Mac support
Linux support
Web compatible
Android compatible
iOS compatible
Efficient for all environments
Easy integration
SDK or API integration
Library optimized for low complexity
Minimum inference time
Real-time audio applications enhancement
Professional-grade audio quality
Elevates audio to professional-standards
Flexibility in application
Increases focus for users
Live broadcasting enhancement
Improves speech intelligibility
Reduces misunderstandings
Contact information availability
Significant effect on cheap headsets
Playground Page demo
Python, JS, Shell usage
Enhanced options provided
Real-time SDK library availability
Enhances speech products
Communication effectiveness boost
Handles hearing aids noise
Configurable API options


Requires integration into existing apps
Might distort natural voice tone
Could remove desired background sounds
Possible latency issues
Data privacy concerns
No direct user interface
Dependence on quality of input audio
Potential over-processing of audio output


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