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AI Cowriter is a writing enhancement tool designed to act as a co-author by providing AI-generated autocomplete text suggestions. This feature is tailored to help you draft text much quicker by suggesting words and phrases as you type, which show up in 'grey'.

Accepted suggestions become part of the text when users press the tab or enter key. Any other key press makes the suggestion disappear. The AI Cowriter is versatile, serving a myriad of uses such as drafting blog posts, LinkedIn updates, tweets, emails or any other form of text.

The tool is customizable and allows you to specify a topic or title, choose a particular writing style, define your audience, and consider any ideas or notes, thereby enabling the AI to align closely with the intended text content.

You may also allow the AI to initiate the writing process. The AI Cowriter is an open-source product, with the code being accessible to users on GitHub.

The original author can be reached via Twitter. Although the app is free to use, donations are welcomed to support the continued running and maintenance of the app.

AI Cowriter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open source product
Versatile text drafting
Blog posts creation
Social media post creation
Email drafting
Customizable tool
Writing style selection
User-friendly interface
Auto-suggests while typing
Suggestions accepted via keys
Topic and title specification
Audience definition feature
Incorporates user-specified notes
Code accessible on GitHub
Author available on Twitter
Free to use
Supports donations
Can be used universally
Ideal for varied text types
Uses optional controls
Grey display for suggestions
Suggestions disappear on keypress


Limited to text-based tasks
Dependent on user input
No multi-language support mentioned
Likely limited industry-specific jargon
User experience not customizable
No offline usage mentioned
No API integration mentioned
Redundancy in suggestions potential
Lack of spelling/grammar check
Donations needed for maintenance


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