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AI Cowriter is a mini-app that acts as an AI-powered writing assistant. It provides autocomplete suggestions for any kind of text, such as blog posts, LinkedIn posts, tweets and emails.

Suggestions appear shortly after the user starts typing, and can be accepted by pressing the enter/return or tab key. Additionally, the user can provide optional controls such as topic, title, writing style, intended audience and ideas/notes to consider.

AI Cowriter is open source and can be found on GitHub, with the author available on Twitter. This tool is designed to help users write faster and more efficiently, with the help of AI-generated suggestions.


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AI Cowriter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open source
Autocomplete suggestions
Customizable controls
Compatible with various text types
Real-time aid
Allows writing style input
Option to specify audience
Can hold user's ideas/notes
Allows author contact
Tool aids in efficiency
Increases writing speed
Simple user interaction
Automated text completion
Can initiate writing
Functional with social media posts
Collaborative writing approach
Flexible according to user's needs
Interactive and user-friendly


No multi-language support
Limited text control options
No mobile version
Limited platform integration
No offline usage
Dependent on user input
Doesn't support voice-to-text
Not suitable for technical writing
Unpredictable text suggestions
No user customization options


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Where can I find AI Cowriter's open-source code?
Can AI Cowriter consider my audience?
Can I give AI Cowriter a topic or title to guide its suggestions?
Can AI Cowriter assist with writing emails?
Is AI Cowriter suitable for writing blog posts?
How can I suggest ideas or notes for AI Cowriter?
What happens if I press a key other than 'tab' or 'enter' while using AI Cowriter?
Does AI Cowriter offer assistance for LinkedIn posts?
Can I write tweets with the help of AI Cowriter?
Who is the author of AI Cowriter and how can I contact them?
How can AI Cowriter make me write faster?
Can I let the AI Cowriter start the text?
Can the use of AI Cowriter improve my writing efficiency?
In what ways AI Cowriter can help me write 10x faster?

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