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AI-powered service for creating interior design projects
Generated by ChatGPT is a service for creating interior design projects powered by artificial intelligence. Users can simply enter text prompts to generate floor plan solutions, visualizations, detailed construction drawings, and in-depth specifications for furniture and materials.

The process starts with users scanning their space with a mobile app or uploading and digitizing their existing floor plan. AI Design analyzes the space, generates several furniture layouts and provides ergonomic floor plans.

Upon choosing the interior style and preferred details, the platform generates photorealistic visualizations for each room, considering the furniture layout.

A complete set of construction drawings, adhering to industry standards, are provided and include details such as partitions, plumbing, ceilings, etc.

AI Design chooses all necessary furniture and materials to match the users' budget, with alternative selections if required. Users can order the desired items with one click for smooth delivery.

As an all-in-one platform, it covers every phase of the interior design process. It is suitable for novice and advanced users, offering both broad design options and precise tools for complex renovations.


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Pros and Cons


Generates detailed construction drawings
Industry-standard construction details
Generates ergonomic floor plans
Built-in marketplace for materials
Customized to users' budget
Photorealistic room visualizations
Mobile app for space scanning
Generates furniture layouts
One-click order for items
Good for novices and advanced
Offers complex renovation tools
Suitable for international projects
Space analysis capability
Materials and furniture suggestions
Handles every design phase
Has digitization feature
Text prompt-controlled design
Efficient precision in execution
Regulation-compliant outputs
Streamlined delivery process


Mobile app required for measurements
No mobile version for designing
Requires high-quality scans
Text prompts may be confusing
Reflection of user vision depends on prompts
Limited customization without text prompts
Requires understanding of space and construction
Lacks flexibility in budget adjustments
Relies heavily on user input
Precise tools may overwhelm novices


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Do I have to choose the furniture and materials myself, or does AI Design Pro help with that too?
Is AI Design Pro suitable for complex renovation projects?
Can I use AI Design Pro even if I'm new to interior design?
How does the digitization of existing floor plans work in AI Design Pro?
What is the process for making furniture purchases through AI Design Pro?
How does the built-in marketplace on AI Design Pro work?
What makes AI Design Pro different from other interior designing tools?
Is AI Design Pro more suitable for professional designers or can non-experts also use it effectively?
How will AI Design Pro help in adhering to industry standards during the designing process?
I have a limited budget. Can AI Design Pro still provide a suitable design solution?
Which features does AI Design Pro use for space analysis?
Can I use AI Design Pro for both broad design options and precise detailing?
How does the mobile app for scanning spaces work in AI Design Pro?
Will I need to manually keep track of the orders placed via AI Design Pro or will the platform manage it?

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