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Creation of pictures for social media content.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool for creating images from text input. It has a range of capabilities, from creating realistic blog post photos to imaginative illustrations and anime-style artwork.

It can also be used to generate social media content such as Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, and YouTube channel art. It also has a selection of pre-set sizes for different platforms and a resize option for customizing output sizes.

The AI Editor feature allows you to customize the output image further, and the AI Fill feature allows you to automatically fill the image with text. The tool also has an undo and redo feature.

Finally, you can also start from an existing image by dragging and dropping it onto the page.


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Pros and Cons


Creates images from text
Generates blog post photos
Generates imaginative illustrations
Generates anime-style artwork
Creates social media content
Creates Instagram Stories
Creates Facebook posts
Creates YouTube channel art
Presets for platform sizes
Resizing option
Undo and redo feature
Starts from existing image
Drag and drop feature
Multi-format output
Generates Instagram Posts
Generates Instagram Reels
Generates Tiktok posts
Creates Youtube Cover
Creates Youtube Channel Art
Generates Facebook covers
Creates Facebook Posts
Generates image for marketplaces


No mobile app
Text-to-image only
No 3D image creation
Limited social platforms sizes
No text editing
No image library
No collaborative features
No multi-language support
Lacks filter options
No offline mode


What is
How does create images from text input?
Can create illustrations and anime-style artwork?
What platforms can I use to generate content for?
What are the pre-set sizes available in
How can I customize the output size in
What is the AI Editor feature in
What is the AI Fill feature in
Is there an undo or redo feature in
Can I start from an existing image in
How do I use the drag and drop feature in
Where can I download
How do I sign in to
How can I modify the size of my image in
Can generate content for a TikTok post?
What is the recommended size for a YouTube cover in
Can I use to create images for Facebook Marketplace?
What text can I input into
How can I add a background to my image in
How do I start from an image in

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