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Enhance Your Writing with AI-Powered Grammar, Authenticity, and Plagiarism Checks
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The 'AI Essay Checker' is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the quality and authenticity of written content. The tool is powered by advanced AI and automates several checks for content, covering aspects of grammar correction, detection of AI content, and plagiarism checks.

One of its main functionalities is to refine grammar and fix common spelling mistakes, thereby saving writers from the disruptions such errors can bring.

Another notable feature is its AI detector which identifies if a piece of content was generated by an AI, thus helping users maintain the originality of their work.

The tool comes with a built-in plagiarism scanner to recognize any instances of copied content, allowing users to modify suspect portions before finalizing their text.

The 'AI Essay Checker' is not just for writers, but also serves as a beneficial tool for English teachers, content creators, SEO specialists and students.

For educators, it's a way to ensure academic integrity; for SEO professionals, it helps satisfy algorithmic content requirements; for content creators, it promises authenticity; and for students, it's a means to achieve quality essays and learn English.

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Max 2000 words limit
Lack of multi-language support
No mobile version
No offline capability
No mention of data security
Potential false positives in plagiarism
No user-customization options
No bulk-upload feature
Lack of human proofreading
No supportive community on platform


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