Task automation 26 Jan 2023
AI for Sheets by Cargo

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CARGO is a Google Workspace Marketplace openAI addon designed specifically for sales and marketers. The addon allows users to quickly and easily create sales emails, follow-ups, Google Ads copy, and blog posts at scale using AI-powered pre-built templates.

All users have to do is input their desired content into the addon, and CARGO will automatically fill in the rest of the spreadsheet. CARGO is free of charge, and is developed by GetCargo Inc.CARGO requires access to the user's Google account in order to see primary email address and any personal info that has been made publicly available.

In addition, users are able to rate and review the app, with their review, profile name, and photo appearing publicly in Google's services.User reviews of CARGO have been overwhelmingly positive, with users noting its accessibility, scalability, and the support they received from the CARGO team.

Many users have also commented on the time and effort saved by using the addon.


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