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AI:JD by Pangea is an AI-powered job description generation tool that enables users to create custom job descriptions in under 90 seconds. The tool uses AI to take care of the hard parts of job description writing and users can fine-tune the generated descriptions to their liking.

This saves users time and money, as they don't have to manually write out job descriptions or pay for expensive job description writing services. AI:JD by Pangea also provides several examples of job descriptions that have been generated, such as Graphic Designer at Airbnb, Marketing Manager at Google, UX Researcher at Dropbox, and President at WeWork.

This allows users to get an idea of the quality and format of the job descriptions they can create with AI:JD by Pangea.


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Pros and Cons


Generates job descriptions quickly
Customizable outputs
No manual job description writing
High-quality result examples
Covers various job roles
Free to start
Diverse industry application
Caters to different businesses
Saves time
Access to previous examples
Speedy process


No API available
No multi-language support
No integration with ATS
No Android app
Limited template examples
No offline version
No customization options
No batch processing feature
No keyword optimization feature
Unclear about data privacy


What is AI:JD by Pangea?
How does AI:JD by Pangea work?
How fast can AI:JD by Pangea generate a job description?
Can I customize the job descriptions generated by AI:JD by Pangea?
What kind of job descriptions can AI:JD by Pangea generate?
Does using AI:JD by Pangea require any special skills?
Can AI:JD by Pangea generate descriptions for any job title?
Can I see examples of job descriptions generated by AI:JD by Pangea?
What is the cost of using AI:JD by Pangea?
How does AI:JD by Pangea save me time and money?
Are the job descriptions generated by AI:JD by Pangea unique or are they templates?
Do I have to manually write anything when using AI:JD by Pangea?
How do I start using AI:JD by Pangea?
Where can AI:JD by Pangea be accessed from?
Are there any special offers or trials for AI:JD by Pangea?
Are there any limitations to the job descriptions AI:JD by Pangea can generate?
What companies have used AI:JD by Pangea?
Do the job descriptions generated by AI:JD by Pangea comply with HR regulations?
What does 'Generated with AI' signify in AI:JD by Pangea?
Can AI:JD by Pangea help in attracting more candidates?

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