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AI-Lawyer is an AI-powered platform that provides instant legal advice and document creation tools to replace expensive consultations, long waits for appointments, and confusing legal texts.

The platform is accessible online and ensures privacy and anonymity to clients. It also offers an AI-powered legal document generator so users can create any legal agreement in one minute without legal expertise.

Additionally, the platform features a document checker to get an easy-to-understand summary of any agreement and a document comparer to compare different agreements and see the differences between them.

AI-Lawyer is also cost-effective and provides helpful resources with plain language explanations of legal jargon. The platform is highly rated with 5 stars from 252 users and is recommended by those who have used it.

AI-Lawyer protects users' rights and wallets while providing a convenient, cost-effective, and high-quality legal solution.


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Apr 2, 2024
Great! I think AI Lawyer is the best service I've ever seen. Perfect use. Prompting helps in the work
Jan 27, 2024
based on Georia and Turekey relationship, if i I was summoned to the court in Turkey as a complainant, Do I have to go? If I can solve this case from Georgia
Dec 14, 2023
Jim is a 15-year-old boy living in London. Briefly explain to Jim the legal position arising from the following scenarios: (a) In the morning Jim offers to wash his dad’s car for £10. Having washed the car, his dad tells him that he changed his mind and does not pay Jim! (b) Later in the afternoon, Jim is out at the high street, when he sees in a shop his favourite skateboard being offered for £50, i.e. half the normal price. He enters the shop and asks to buy it at that price. The shopkeeper tells him that there has been a mistake on the price labelling and the price is £100 for the skateboard!

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Pros and Cons


Instant legal advice
Document generator
Document checker
Document comparer
Accessible online
Privacy and anonymity
Plain language legal explanations
Highly rated
Legal agreement creation
Legal document summary
Compare legal agreements
Anonymous legal assistance
Affordable legal solutions
Convenience and speed
Suitable for lawyers
Instant Legal advice for lawyers
Legal document drafting for lawyers
Legal document review for lawyers
Legal research for lawyers
User-friendly platform
Comprehensive legal help
Automatic legal document creation
Accessible legal resources
Clear legal summaries
Legal document comparison tool
Confidential legal support
Easy legal jargon explanations
High satisfaction rating
Continually adding new features


No mobile application
No live support
No multi-language support
Possible accuracy issues
Needs strong internet connection
No customization of documents
Potential privacy concerns
Limited legal jurisdictions covered
Possible complexity in navigation
Limited document checker capabilities


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Does AI-Lawyer provide privacy and anonymity?
How does AI-Lawyer translate legal jargon into plain language?
What is the cost of using AI-Lawyer?
Why is AI-Lawyer rated 5 stars by 252 users?
How does AI-Lawyer help to protect my rights and wallet?
Are there benefits for lawyers to use AI-Lawyer?
Can AI-Lawyer be accessed anywhere, anytime?
How quickly can I get legal advices from AI-Lawyer?
Can I try AI-Lawyer for free?
How can AI-Lawyer help me with legal research?
How user-friendly is the AI-Lawyer's platform?
What resources are available on AI-Lawyer's platform?
What does AI-Lawyer offer that traditional legal consultation does not?
Does AI-Lawyer maintain a blog with useful legal information?
How does AI-Lawyer ensure the accuracy of its generated legal documents?

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