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Healthy meal plans based on fitness goals.
Generated by ChatGPT

Utekal Media Ltd.'s AI powered meal plan generator is a great tool for those looking to achieve their fitness goals. It provides users with healthy, delicious meal options and a free 1-week training plan as a bonus.

The AI model is trained on data from the best fitness coaches in the country, making it a trusted tool for many fitness enthusiasts. The meal plan generator is easy to use and requires users to provide some basic information such as age, gender, exercise frequency, and fitness goals.

Additionally, users can input any foods they do not like eating, such as gluten-free or sugar-free items. Once the information is provided, the generator will generate a personalized 1-week meal plan within minutes.

After payment, users should leave the page open so the generator can finish generating their plan.


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Feb 10, 2024
My meal for mussle building and lose water fat in the body.also my meal is vegetarian and do not include egg or under a 1800 calories deficite

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Pros and Cons


Healthy meal plans
Fitness goal based
Free 1-week training
Trained on coach data
User-friendly interface
Personalized to dislikes
Quick plan generation
Affordable price
Trusted by users
Adjusts for exercise frequency
Gender-considerate meal plans
UK-wide popularity
Original meal concepts
Saves time on planning
Flexible dietary restrictions
Supports general fitness goals
Inclusivity (Male, Female, Other)
Includes dislikes in planning
Email support
Best coaches' data-driven
Adjusts for user age


Doesn't cater to dietary restrictions
Payment required before generation
Limited to 1-week plans
No multi-user functionality
Doesn't offer meal variety
No real-time plan adjustments
Relies on user self-reporting
Doesn't support multiple languages


What is the AI Meal Planner?
How does the AI Meal Planner generate meal plans?
What kind of information do I need to provide for the AI Meal Planner to generate a meal plan?
Can I specify foods I do not like when using the AI Meal Planner?
How long does it take for the AI Meal Planner to generate a meal plan?
Is there a cost associated with using the AI Meal Planner?
Why is the AI Meal Planner considered a trusted tool by fitness enthusiasts?
What is the free 1-week training plan offered by the AI Meal Planner?
How was the AI Meal Planner trained?
Can I use the AI Meal Planner if I exercise less than twice a week?
Is the AI Meal Planner useful for different fitness goals such as gaining muscle, losing weight, and general fitness?
Does the AI Meal Planner provide meals for specific dietary restrictions like gluten-free or sugar-free?
Do I need to keep the page open after paying for the AI Meal Planner?
Can I use the AI Meal Planner if I live outside of the UK?
What is the special offer for early adopters of the AI Meal Planner?
How will the AI Meal Planner help me achieve my fitness goals?
What is the level of personalization in the AI Meal Planner?
Can I change the meal plan after it has been generated by the AI Meal Planner?
How reputable are the fitness coaches that the data was gathered from for the AI Meal Planner?
What company is responsible for the AI Meal Planner?

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