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Create unique AI songs for free.
Generated by ChatGPT is a high-tech music generating tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to produce original music across various genres.

The aim of this tool is to allow users to create unique, high-quality AI songs, which closely match the quality of studio productions. Users can individualize their creations as per their creative vision by customizing the instruments and sounds in the compositions.

The AI analyzes musical structures, styles, and patterns to generate compositions according to user inputs and preferences. The service offers a free version with basic features, however, more advanced functions and commercial usage require subscription or payment.

The platform also allows users to share their AI-created music, making it easier to distribute their creations on social media, music streaming services, or personal websites.

However, for commercial usage, it is necessary to review and comply with the tool's terms of use regarding attribution requirements and any potential licensing fees.


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Jun 11, 2024
works fine, but looks like it is using suno and udio ia's.
Jun 10, 2024
Great 👌👌👌

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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality music
Various music genres
Enables sound customization
Analyzes musical structures
User customization enabled
Facilitates music sharing
Integrated with social media
Supported music streaming
Commercial usage options
Free version available
Download as MP3
Popular among professional creators
Supports multiple music genres
Enables creation of emotional songs
Supports user inputs & preferences
Private song creation
247 email support
Lossless audio quality
Unlimited downloads
Secure payment service
Fixed one-time payment plans
Multi-lingual support
High attribute fidelity
Compliant with attribution requirements
Payment plans for additional features
Track weekly downloads
Frequently asked questions section
Access to popular music creators
Streamlined user interface
Facilitates creative music-making process
Learning tool for music creators
Integration with personal websites
Licensing fee clarity
Allows album creation
Supports emotion based creations


Limited genre customization
Advanced features require payment
Commercial usage requires compliance
Might need licensing for commercial
No refund policy
Pay-as-you-go pricing model
Limited free trials
Cost per song basis
Limited generate times
Potential loss of privacy


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