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Get paid to implement AI (ChatGPT, Dalle, etc.) on your website
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AI Pay is a tool that enables websites to be paid to implement AI. Develop an AI application using AI APIs such as Chat GPT, embeddings, and image generation without having to worry about, users, payments, monetisation, or even a server/backend. Focus on development and easily pass on AI costs to the users of the website.

This mechanism benefits both parties: the website can improve its user experience through the advanced capabilities of AI, and the users get access to unique, value-added features.

AI Pay works in combination with a browser extension. The users can specify a budget and start an AI Pay session on a specific website. As long as the session is active and there's a budget remaining, the website can leverage AI Pay to utilize AI APIs for free, aiming to provide an elevated user experience.

The tool can be used to deploy open-source GPT apps, thus enabling users not willing to handle API keys or to self-host, to still enjoy the technology.

Additionally, AI Pay can support the implementation of developer documentation chatbots for open-source developers, creating an alternate income stream.

AI Pay proposes a unique monetisation model for websites. Websites earn a markup on AI usage costs. Additionally, if a user downloads AI Pay and uses your website first, you will receive 5% of that user's future credit purchases. Monetise your website with value adding AI instead of annoying ads.

In summary, AI Pay is an effective solution that allows websites to enrich their user experience with AI, while also setting up a new revenue stream.
AI Pay was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2024.

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    Pros and Cons


    Website user-cost coverage
    Browser extension integration
    Enables open-source GPT apps
    Supports documentation chatbot implementation
    Offers unique monetization model
    Affiliate commission earning potential
    Automated session stop
    Offers alternate income stream
    User-defined session budget
    Improves overall user experience
    Free for eligible websites
    No self-hosting or API key management required
    Supports developer-oriented chatbots
    Commission from user's future credit purchases
    Easy browser extenstion installation
    Good for both users and websites
    Automatically detects website requests
    Supports non-technical users


    Requires browser extension
    User-end cost coverage
    Possible budgeting hassles
    Session-dependent functionality
    Limited user experience improvements
    Possible permission issues
    Potential privacy concerns


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    How does AI Pay propose a unique monetization model for websites?
    How does AI Pay enrich the user experience with AI?
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