Team wellbeing 2021-01-28
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AI-Powered Coaching by Kona

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Slack check-ins reduce burnout & encourage wellbeing.
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Kona is an AI-powered wellbeing check-in tool designed for use within Slack. The platform aims to help users better care for their team's wellbeing and fight burnout by providing mood check-ins that can be completed remotely.

The tool's simple interface enables users to share their mood and get live support, with struggling team members offered tips and benefits. Kona helps users visualize and predict health trends to track organizational health analytics and support teammates when it matters most.

By collecting data through daily check-ins, Kona provides instant access to people analytics data that can be used for tailoring the platform to custom workflows, health trend prediction, and smart alerts.

Kona's private or team sharing options allow teammates to share their feelings on their terms, while its customizable support workflows surface benefits and resources when needed.

Overall, Kona aims to provide real-time, actionable data and analysis to reduce employee turnover, encourage employee engagement, and build healthier workplace culture.

Kona is ideal for people in management, CX & support teams, sales teams, engineering, and product teams.


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Pros and Cons


Daily mood check-ins
Live support feature
Data visualization of health trends
Instant people analytics
Customizable to specific workflows
Smart alerts
Private and team sharing
Customizable support workflows
Reduces employee turnover
Motivates employee engagement
Promotes healthier workplace culture
Versatile for different teams
Built for Slack
Helps against burnout
Easy to map culture goals
Collection of people data in Slack
Visual prediction of organizational health
Team wellbeing Slack check-in
Integration with HR tools
Actionable real-time data
Encourages emotional transparency
Provides benefits and resources
Supports custom workflows


Limited to Slack integration
No mobile app version
May not suit non-remote teams
Can't customize mood check-ins
Lacks robust data privacy options
Only supports English language
Limited integrations beyond HR tools
No available API
Analytics could be oversimplified
Dependent on team's consistent input


What is Kona?
How does Kona protect employee privacy?
How does Kona use AI?
Who is Kona best suited for?
What benefits does Kona aim to provide?
How can Kona help reduce burnout in a team?
What customizations does Kona offer?
How does Kona predict health trends?
What kind of data does Kona collect and how is it used?
How does Kona integrate with Slack?
Can Kona be tailored to my team's specific workflows?
What are the pricing options for Kona?
Can Kona integrate with other HR tools I currently use?
What kind of support does Kona offer for struggling team members?
Can Kona data be utilized for people analytics?
Can Kona help improve employee engagement?
How often do team-members have to check in?
Does Kona support private sharing options?
How can Kona help improve workplace culture?
Does Kona provide any resources for understanding mental health better?


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