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Summarized news articles delivered on diverse topics.
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AIReads is an AI-powered tool that offers users the ability to summarize and read the news anywhere, including on the go, like on the beach, in bed, in traffic, etc.

It works by playing the news from the user's phone's mail app each day, and subscribers can choose to receive news on different topics like startups, tech, and AI.

The tool uses transcripts to summarize news articles and offers this service to users who prefer to stay updated while conducting other tasks. Users also have the option to listen to the audio version of the news when on the move.

AIReads offers users news articles on different topics, such as how an entrepreneur who nearly died from an eating disorder raised $75 million to make evidence-based treatment available to everyone.

The tool also provides information about the bankruptcy of a San Francisco-based wine reseller, and the funding of an Israeli vehicle scanner startup that has raised $100 million and is supported by General Motors and Hanaco.

AIReads also reports on Microsoft's new collaboration with an AI startup and SoftBank's earnings report that may provide more insight into the company's financial situation.

Overall, AIReads is a convenient and efficient way for users to digest current news while on the go, without having to read lengthy articles or scroll through news feeds.

By offering summarized articles on different topics, users can stay informed, regardless of their location.


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AI Reads was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes news articles
Offers audio news version
Diverse topics coverage
New summaries daily
Can use on-the-go
Transcripts for summarizing
Pairs with phone's mail app
Option to subscribe
Can listen while multitasking
Specific topic choice like startups
Coverage of specific events
Subscription includes ad-free experience
Access to premium entrepreneur content
Free eBooks for subscribers
Access to merchandise discounts
Reports on major collaborations
Provides lesser known information
Reports on company bankruptcy
Future trends articles
Economic state articles
Reports on major investment rounds
Reports on key industry moves
Deep tech related news


Requires subscription
Limited news topics
Dependent on mail app
No text-to-speech customization
Lacks topic filtering
No offline usage
No multi-lingual support
No user preferences personalization
No browser version
No text format adjustment


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Does AIReads offer news on specific topics?
Where can I use AIReads?
Does AIReads offer summarized articles?
How does AIReads help users who are on the go?
What are some examples of news articles AIReads has covered?
Can AIReads report on startup news?
Can AIReads report on tech news?
Can AIReads summarize and read news about AI?
Does AIReads provide daily news updates?
Can I select the topics for news delivered by AIReads?
How does AIReads deliver news to mobile devices?
Does AIReads use transcripts to summarize news?
How is AIReads beneficial for busy people?
Does AIReads also offer an audio version of the news?
Does AIReads only report on US news or does it cover global news?
Can AIReads also provide information about company collaborations or investments?

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