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Assisting in creating movie scripts.
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AIScreenwriter is a powerful AI-powered screenwriting tool that is designed to help filmmakers, screenwriters, and storytellers create their next masterpiece.

Built by film industry insiders, the tool is designed to set creativity free. It allows users to brainstorm, structure, and write their screenplay, with valuable insights and suggestions from the AI.

It eliminates writer’s block and helps speed up the writing process. It has advanced features such as an AI engine which allows users to edit their screenplay, script, or character sheet after it is generated.

It also provides users with free tokens to start their project. The tool is supported by industry experts and provides users with the expertise and creativity of the GlassFrog team.

It is also free to subscribe for the first 300 users, and it has been used to create some of the biggest and most innovative movies of the past decade.

AIScreenwriter is the perfect tool to help users take their screenplay to the next level.


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Pros and Cons


Eliminates writer’s block
Speeds up writing process
Edit screenplay post-generation
Free tokens for starters
Supported by industry experts
Free for the first 300
Used for big movies
Brainstorming and structuring ability
In-house development
Supercharges creativity
UI built for screenwriters
Flexible story outline options
Genre and style customization
Scene outlining functionality
Edit as you type feature
Multiple perspectives technique
Cooperates with screenwriting professionals
Keeps with technology trends
A diverse team built tool
Developed by film industry veterans
Used for innovative movies
Ongoing improvements and enhancements
Employs human-first approach
Subscribers get industry announcements
Aids in storyboard and previz
Simple signup process
Intuitive and fun to use
Dedicated to innovation
Streamlines script writing


No mobile app available
No collaboration feature
Limited editing functionality post-generation
Tokens required post initial free tokens
Used tokens may lead to high costs
Limited genres and writing styles
Not designed for TV scripts
No offline working option
Unclear pricing for additional tokens
Limited community involvement (No forum)


What is AIScreenwriter?
How does AIScreenwriter assist in creating movie scripts?
What kind of insights and suggestions does AIScreenwriter generate?
What are the advanced features of AIScreenwriter?
How does AIScreenwriter help with writer’s block?
What do the free tokens on AIScreenwriter get me?
What support and expertise does the GlassFrog team provide?
What makes AIScreenwriter unique compared to other AI writers?
What contributions have the creators of AIScreenwriter made to the film industry?
What does the process of starting a project with AIScreenwriter look like?
Can AIScreenwriter generate character sheets?
Can AIScreenwriter be used for story outlining?
How does AIScreenwriter's 'edit as you type' function work?
Does AIScreenwriter offer a subscription based service?
Is there a community or forum for AIScreenwriter users?
What films or scripts have been created using AIScreenwriter?
Who are the creators of AIScreenwriter?
What does AIScreenwriter aimed to achieve in its roadmap?
What are the creative tools that AIScreenwriter is developing to help streamline the storyboarding and previsualization process?
How many tokens do the first 300 users to sign up get for free?

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