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Streamlines Scrum project planning.
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The AI Scrum Assistant is an AI-powered app designed to optimize the workflow of Scrum teams using ChatGPT. With this tool, users can automatically generate customizable acceptance criteria and QA test cases from any text field, saving time and improving efficiency in the Agile development process.Key features of the AI Scrum Assistant include flexible field selection for criteria and test case generation, AI-generated acceptance criteria and QA test case scenarios, and customizable outputs to align with team requirements.

Additionally, the tool allows users to estimate story points, generate or refine user story descriptions, and is suitable for both experienced Scrum masters and beginners.By leveraging artificial intelligence, the AI Scrum Assistant aims to enhance productivity and drive project success in Scrum processes.

It offers an AI-generated solution to streamline the planning phase, providing automated acceptance criteria and QA test case generation.The app integrates with Jira, allowing access to Jira project and issue data, search functionality, and the ability to create and edit issues, post comments, create worklogs, and delete issues.

Users can adapt the AI-generated output to suit their unique project requirements, further elevating the Scrum workflow.Privacy and security information for the app can be found on the Atlassian Marketplace, along with additional resources such as version history, documentation, and an end-user license agreement.

Overall, the AI Scrum Assistant offers Scrum teams an essential Agile planning tool to enhance productivity and achieve project success.


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