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Filtered high-quality search results generation.
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AI Search is an AI-powered search engine that aims to provide high-quality search results by filtering out ad-ridden results, SEO junk, and low-quality websites.

This search engine is based on AI and live data, ensuring that all the search results are inspected by AI and filtered accordingly. Even the titles and summaries of the results are written by AI based on their content, rather than what the website owners want the readers to see.AI Search offers a free plan that employs AI to filter out low-quality results, ads, and SEO junk.

However, users can also switch to an upgraded plan that offers AI-generated titles and summaries for every search result. The search engine's primary objective is to help users find what they need quickly, without getting sidetracked by irrelevant content or ads.AI Search is developed by OrgSoft Ltd, registered in England and Wales.

The search engine is designed to help users save time by providing them with high-quality search results from legitimate and reliable websites. If you're tired of browsing ad-ridden and SEO-optimised sites, AI Search could be the solution for your search needs.


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Pros and Cons


Filtered high-quality search results
Free plan available
Upgraded plan offering
Ad-free results
SEO junk filtered
Time-saving tool
Reliable website sources
Non-distorted search results
Aims at user relevance
User interface
Supported by Bing
Supported by Mojeek
Readability-focused summaries
Reduced clickbait
Developed by registered company
Plans without ads
Privacy policy
Terms and conditions


Free plan lacks features
No mobile application
Limited user interface customization
Dependent on live data
Unreliable in internet downtimes
Filtering may exclude relevant results
No multi-language support
Filtering process may be slow


What is AI Search and how does it work?
Who developed AI Search?
Is AI Search free or does it have a cost?
How does AI Search use AI to filter search results?
What makes AI Search different from other search engines?
How does AI Search ensure the quality of its search results?
What is the upgraded plan offered by AI Search and what are its benefits?
How does AI Search help save my browsing time?
Does AI Search aid in eliminating ads from the search results?
How does AI Search assist in reducing SEO junk in search results?
Does AI Search generate titles and summaries for every search result?
Is the AI Search tool based on live data?
Can AI Search detect and filter out low-quality websites?
For whom is AI Search most helpful?
Does AI Search have specific usage terms and conditions?
Are the search results generated by AI Search trustworthy and reliable?
Does AI Search have a privacy policy I should be aware of?
How can I get in touch with the AI Search team for support?
Does AI Search have a blog or a destination for updates or news on its developments?
Can I donate to support AI Search and its services?

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