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Let AI write content for your social media posts.
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SocialBu is an AI-powered tool designed to manage and automate social media content. It generates ready-to-use content for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Google My Business, and others.

The tool leverages AI to write, curate, and generate content tailored to user's needs, thus aiding in the creation of engaging social media posts. It provides the functionality to schedule, preview, and recycle posts as needed.

SocialBu's AI also powers curation features, enabling users to discover and share relevant content, along with advanced filtering options. The AI assistant aids in responding to messages, comments, reviews, and mentions.

The robust toolkit captures insights into posts, followers, and trends, allowing users to track keywords and hashtags. True automation features enable auto posting from RSS, automatized replies and review handling.

The tool facilitates collaboration by managing teams and multiple brands, overseeing post approvals and conversations. On the user-friendly interface, users can also generate captions for images, prompts for Text2Img feature, blog images, quote images, and general posts via its AI capabilities, improving overall social media presence.


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SocialBu was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 21st 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates social media content
Schedules and previews posts
Monitors comments and reviews
Automates social media processes
Keyword and hashtag monitoring
Post recycling capabilities
14-day free trial
Cancellation at any time
Multi-platform support
Advanced content curation features
Auto posting from RSS
Automated responses feature
Analytics capabilities
Manages teams and brands
User-friendly interface
Image caption generation
Text2Img feature
Top-rated customer service
Generates post ideas
Offers post insights
Offers followers insights
Tailored content creation
Auto review handling capabilities
Post approval oversight
Integration with major platforms
Secured data protection
True automation
Webhook integrations
In-built social calendar
Respond feature
Bulk scheduling capability
Trending insights
Prompts for text2Img
Multi-brand management
Advanced filtering options
Supports various platforms
Intelligent replies feature
Multiple free tools
Trackable social media metrics
Blog image generation
Quote image generation
Post topic idea input
Instant inspiration access
No credit card required


Limited to social media platforms
No feature customisation
No refund policy
Does not conduct sentiment analysis
No multilingual support
Limited filtering options
Automations may lack precision
Lack integrated payment methods
APIs not mentioned


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