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AI Suggests is an Artificial Intelligence tool designed to meet the needs of content creators by generating ready-to-use content and fresh ideas instantly.

It provides a solution to brainstorming content challenges by facilitating the creation of unique content in a short period. The tool is versatile with its services, catering to various niches, and can generate Instagram captions, video titles, LinkedIn posts, short stories, and more based on user requirements.

The content is SEO-friendly and geared towards enhancing the visibility and impact of blogs, social media posts, and marketing campaigns. One of the defining features of AI Suggests is its simplicity and accessibility.

It requires no subscription, offering users the flexibility of generating content free of charge, with an option to unlock more templates and capabilities using purchasable credits.

While it is best suited for creative professionals like influencers, marketers, bloggers, indie makers, anyone requiring content can use the features of this tool to their benefit.

The technology it leverages is the GPT-3.5 model for content generation. The generated content from AI Suggests can play a crucial role in helping users keep up with content demands for their social accounts or blogs, making it a significant tool for online engagement and marketing efforts.


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AI Suggests was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates unique content
Over 20 templates
Uses GPT-3.5 model
Content ideas for marketing
Supports Instagram captions
Supports video titles
Supports blog titles
Supports product descriptions
Saves important documents
Boosts marketing campaigns
SEO-friendly content
Generates headlines
Generates meta descriptions
Generates keywords
Free use for months
No mandatory subscription
Tool for various content creators
Enhanced with chat support
Easily purchasable credits
Unlimited content and ideas
Generates LinkedIn posts
Generates short stories
Any niche-friendly
Adaptable to user requirements
Increased blog visibility
Simplicity and accessibility
Professional content generation
GPT-3.5 technology leverage
Supports online engagement
Supports web creators
Ideal for influencers
Ideal for marketers
Ideal for bloggers
Ideal for indie makers
Helps keep up with content demand
Ideal for enhancing online marketing
Color scheme suggestions
Quick startup name suggestions
Ecommerce product name suggestions
Supports Facebook ad content
Paraphrasing tool
Hashtags suggestions
Blog outline creation
Supports short story writing
Domain name suggestions
Prompts for email lines
Supports Google ad content
Helps in recipe writing
SEO extractor tool
Spell checker included
Supports review writing


Limited template variety
Requires purchase for more templates
Not open-source
Relies solely on GPT-3.5
No API available
Features dependent on credits
No subscription could mean inconsistency
No mention of data security
One-man team (support limitations)
No mobile app mentioned


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Does AI Suggests require a subscription?
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Is there customer service available for AI Suggests?
Can AI Suggests generate blog titles?
What types of content can AI Suggests generate?
Can I generate Instagram captions using AI Suggests?
How does AI Suggests help with brainstorming?
Can AI Suggests help with product descriptions?
Can AI Suggests generate LinkedIn posts?

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