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Agile data analysis and predictive modeling.
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The Low-Code Data Fabric is a platform designed to help businesses improve their data agility and flexibility. It enables companies to deliver data at a faster rate, approximately 5-10 times faster, promoting productivity.

The tool offers a low-code and multi-persona platform for data preparation and exploratory data analysis, allowing users to deploy predictive models quickly and easily.

The platform aims to maximize the value of a company's data scientist team, providing solutions to overcome data productivity challenges. It offers a reliable and efficient way to find insights from data, with multi-view capabilities that simplify the analysis of marketing intelligence.

The Low-Code Data Fabric solution is built on a cloud infrastructure that optimizes resource usage and scalability. It ensures that businesses only pay for the resources needed, reducing unnecessary costs.

The platform also focuses on data observability, allowing users to obtain actionable insights from their data. It simplifies the analysis of individual customer relationships and provides a visually linked view of customer interactions.With an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, the Low-Code Data Fabric streamlines the process of building and deploying machine learning models.

It offers both private and public cloud deployments and supports various technologies such as Apache Nifi, Delta Lake, Airflow, Spark, Parquet, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, and Kubernetes.Overall, the Low-Code Data Fabric is a versatile tool that aims to make data science accessible to businesses and empower them to make data-driven decisions.

It offers a range of features, including data security, predictive modeling, data governance, and more, and is suitable for a variety of use cases in different industries.


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Pros and Cons


Increases data agility
Boosts data flexibility
Accelerates data delivery times
Promotes productivity
Low-code platform
Facilitates data preparation
Enables exploratory data analysis
Accelerates model deployment
Maximizes data science team value
Solves data productivity challenges
Deploys predictive models quickly
Multi-view analysis capabilities
Simplifies marketing intelligence analysis
Cloud-based infrastructure
Optimizes resource usage
Scalable solution
Enhances data observability
Provides customer interaction insights
Simplifies model building
Supports multiple cloud deployments
Compatible with various technologies
Streamlines machine learning model deployment
Empowers data-driven decisions
Offers data security
Facilitates data governance
Broad industry applicability
Offers AWS bonus credits
Supports Kubernetes integration
Tool, Service, & Application model
90% Faster Insights
Simpler data discovery
Observability for Actionable Insights
4-week project delivery
Reduces model building time
Offers private cloud deployment
Offers public cloud deployment
Offers hybrid cloud deployment
Supports multiple cloud technologies
Apache Nifi integration
Delta Lake integration
Airflow integration
Spark integration
Parquet integration
Google Cloud integration
Azure Cloud integration
Kubernetes integration
Data dojo feature
No code connector feature
Predictive modelling feature
Data governance feature


Requires AWS for bonus
Limited integration technologies
No on-premise deployment option
Possible oversimplified analytics
Four week delivery period
Data security dependent on self-hosting
Unspecified data governance measures
Not entirely no-code


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What kind of view does AI Surge provide for the analysis of individual customer relationships?
How does the Low-Code Data Fabric help in deploying machine learning models?
What types of cloud deployments does AI Surge support?
Which specific technologies are supported by AI Surge?
How does AI Surge ensure data security?
How can AI Surge contribute to data-driven decisions?
What is the AI Surge Tool, Service, & Application model?
Does AI Surge provide any promotional offers for new users?
How can AI Surge's infrastructure reduce unnecessary costs for businesses?
What is AI Surge’s approach to data observability?
What is the 4-week delivery period offered by AI Surge?
How easy is it for data scientists to use AI Surge?
What platforms can the machine learning applications deploy on with AI Surge?

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