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Transcribe audio and video in 100+ languages with just a few clicks!
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Riverside is a comprehensive audio and video recording and transcription tool that features an array of functionalities that enhance content creating, editing, and sharing.

It enables the recording of high-quality audio and video tracks, regardless of the quality of internet connection, and transcribes your recordings into text with 99% accuracy.

Transcription is available in over 100 languages and can identify individual speakers during transcription. Editing can be executed directly from the transcript, enabling users to delete sentences or entire paragraphs as needed.

Riverside creates 'Magic Clips' small, shareable social clips and offers features such as 'Magic Audio' that enhances audio to a studio-level quality.

Also notable is its ability to provide content summaries, takeaways, and chapters as well as the inclusion of stylish captions to make content more engaging.

Users can access the platform via Mac or mobile applications, allowing content creation from almost anywhere. Finally, Riverside supports asynchronous recording, allowing guests to join your studio and record even in your absence.

Suitable for podcasters, marketers, and producers, its use cases span podcasts, internal communications, webinars, customer testimonials, and virtual conferences among others.


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Mar 29, 2024
do you plan to add youtube link transcription too?
Nov 16, 2023
Fast - probably the fastest tool I've tried for transcribing from an uploaded MP3. Accuracy was good. My samples was a ~30 min university lecture recorded alone (recorded with a mic and laptop, not in a lecture hall). Only complaint is that the logical sectioning or paragraphing isn't great. (It's hard to do with these stream-of-consciousness type lectures, but some tools do a great job.) If I didn't need the logical breaks, I'd likely come back to this tool solely for the speed and accuracy. Great job!

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Pros and Cons


Supports over 100 languages
User-friendly interface
Accepts MP3, WAV, MP4, MOV files
Transcription available in TXT, SRT
Free to use
No sign-up required
Offers speaker detection
High-quality recording capabilities
Simple editing capabilities
Useful for podcasters, journalists, researchers
Audio and video transcription
Transcribes regardless of internet connection quality
Creates 'Magic Clips' for sharing
Features 'Magic Audio'
Provides content summaries
Available on Mac or mobile
Supports asynchronous recording
Applicable to various use cases
99% transcription accuracy
Records in up to 4K quality
Transcription begins immediately after recording
Generates stylish captions


Transcription times vary
Doesn't support all file types
Requires human verification
No permanent storage for transcripts
May have server busyness issues


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Does Riverside offer any editing capabilities post-transcription?
Is there a limit on the number of transcriptions I can do with Riverside?
How does Riverside's 'Magic Audio' feature work?
What is included in Riverside's 'Magic Clips' feature?
What are 'Magic Audio' and 'Magic Clips' in Riverside's transcription service?
Does Riverside have a privacy policy for the data I upload?
How can I use Riverside's tool for content summaries, takeaways, and chapters?
What is asynchronous recording in Riverside?
How can Riverside help in the creation of podcasts, webinars and virtual conferences?
Does Riverside have a teleprompter feature?
Is Riverside compatible with both Mac and mobile applications?
Can I record high-quality audio and video using Riverside from anywhere?

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