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AI Writer™ is an AI-powered content generator that helps writers, bloggers, and copywriters craft quality content quickly and efficiently. The platform uses advanced algorithms to create original content from just a headline, providing a list of citations and sources for accuracy and trust.

It is suitable for producing full-length articles, re-writing existing content, and optimizing SEO for higher reach and visibility. AI Writer™ also features a built-in SEO-optimized text editor and a (sub)topic discoverer to help writers find the right words and topics for their content.

An audit trail of sources is provided to ensure accuracy and quality, as well as a source summarizer to get a full overview of any topic quickly. Finally, the platform is compatible with Wordpress and can generate up to 73.47% ranking advantage.

In short, AI Writer™ is an ideal tool for those looking to produce quality content faster, while saving time and money. It is a great resource for writers, bloggers, and copywriters, providing a reliable and efficient way to create content.


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Pros and Cons


Generates content from headline
Provides source citations
In-built SEO text editor
(Sub)topic discoverer functionality
Assists re-writing existing content
SEO optimization for visibility
Wordpress compatibility
Potential 73.47% ranking advantage
Full-length article production
Auditable source trail
Source summarizer feature
Fast content generation
Unique and original text
Respects SEO guidelines
Avoid duplicate content penalties
High SEO performance
Saves up to 50% time
Accurate content generation
Starts content from scratch
Full article drafts generation
Inspirational writing prompts
Optimizes existing content
Inexpensive content production
Results in increased traffic
Leverages Natural Language Processing
Aids in topic research
Generates long and short copy
Accommodates various content types
Produces paragraphs of content
Complements human writers
Quick, natural-language texts
Optimized for higher reach
API Access available
Verifiable content accuracy
Fast topic overview
Topics based on Google results
Reduction in content cost
1st and 2nd level subtopics
Guarantees unique content
Direct publish to Wordpress
Up to 90% source compression
Suitable for complex topics
Assists in writing quickly
Valuable for various businesses
Supports multiple users
Efficient content marketing
Increases ad-sense income
Increased referral potential
Improved client relationships


Single user restriction
No duplicate content penalties
Unpredictable quality of content
Limited to Wordpress
Error-prone rewording feature
Limited Topics for Research
Expensive Basic Plan
Inadequate customer support
Lack of comprehensive tutorial


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