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AI App Ideas is a tool designed to help developers quickly generate ideas for their next AI-driven application. It takes the form of a web-based interface which allows users to enter keywords related to their project and receive a list of suggested project ideas.

The list of ideas is generated using a combination of algorithms and AI-driven technology. The tool was created by Calum and Justin, two experienced developers who have a deep understanding of AI-driven technology.

AI App Ideas is a great tool for developers who want to rapidly generate ideas for their AI projects and is a great starting point for creating innovative AI-driven applications.


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May 11, 2023
Just collect hins from people and nothing more. Absolutely useless program

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Pros and Cons


Web-based interface
Keyword-driven idea generation
Rapid idea formation
Created by experienced developers
Innovative application ideas
Suggested project ideas list
Great for prototyping
Links to creators' social profiles
Open for community collaboration
Accessible via Github
Project example repository


No API provided
Web-based only
No downloadable version
No theme customization
Lack of collaborative features
Limited to text inputs
No user management system
Reliance on keyword input
No multilingual support
Lack of detailed app idea descriptions


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