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Empowering communities with AI image generation.
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AiBlocks is a freely accessible Web3 AI-based image generation platform. The platform's core focus is on empowering communities by providing them with the tools necessary for creating premium content.

AiBlocks focuses on utilizing the benefits of AI and blockchain (Web3) and combining these disciplines, essentially linking digital rights and art generation.

The use of artificial intelligence within AiBlocks allows users to generate unique images or graphics, offering a significant boost in digital content generation.

As a part of the Web3 ecosystem, AiBlocks further ensures secure and decentralized data handling, providing the users with a level of data privacy that aligns with the principles of blockchain technologies.

With AiBlocks, communities can enhance their creative processes, offering an avenue to create groundbreaking content with the help of AI technology. Note that to fully utilize the features of AiBlocks, users need to enable JavaScript, underscoring the interactive nature of the platform which encompasses both user input and AI generation.


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Pros and Cons


Free image generation platform
Web3 blockchain integration
Digital rights focus
Decentralized data handling
Content creation support
High quality 8K images
User account connectivity
Improved data privacy
Image enhancement features
Premium content creation
Community empowerment emphasis
Work featured on Artstation, Pixiv
Empowers creative processes
JavaScript-based interactivity
Unique image generation
Advanced image options
Secure platform
Enables creation of groundbreaking content
Interactive platform
Supports user-input model creation
Image options include tuxedo, masterpiece full moon
Images include cel shaded dragon
Images include cinematic shots, pencil sketches


Requires JavaScript enablement
Only supports Web3
No offline mode
Requires credit consumption
Lacks API integration
Doesn't support all image formats
No mentioned encryption for privacy
Dependent on Blockchain technology
No customizable user interface
Limited image enhancement options


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Is AiBlocks a free platform?
How does AiBlocks promote community empowerment?
How can AiBlocks enhance my creative process?
What does it mean that AiBlocks is a Web3 platform?
How does AiBlocks ensure my data privacy?
Can AiBlocks create images with advanced options like tuxedo or cinematic shot?
What are the requirements to create AI models with AiBlocks?
Why are AiBlocks images featured on Artstation and Pixiv?
How does AiBlocks link digital rights and art generation?
Is AiBlocks a decentralized platform?
What is the role of user interaction in AiBlocks?
What is meant by the term 'Premium Content' in the context of AiBlocks?

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