Holiday cards 2022-11-30
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Holiday card generator with automated content.
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AIChristmas is a unique holiday card service that instantly creates and mails custom-made cards featuring images and messages generated by advanced AI technology.

With AIChristmas, users can create one-of-a-kind cards without needing to be an artist or writer. Users can choose from a range of holiday themes and let the AI generate images and personalized messages tailored to the recipient.

Cards can be printed and mailed for as little as $1.99, or users can send an e-card for free. All cards are printed on high-quality 350gsm coated stock and feature no loss of quality, blockiness or blurring.

AIChristmas is the perfect way to show your friends and family how much you care with a card that is truly unique and special.


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AIchristmascards was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Automated content creation
Personalized messages
Wide range of themes
Printed and e-card options
Low cost starts $1.99
High-quality print material
No quality loss in print
Instant creation and mailing
Unique, custom made cards
Natural language processing
Image synthesis models
Suitable for non-artists
Large gallery of examples
Economical postcard option
Bulk printing option
Free e-card option
Personalizable in look and wording
Various art styles
Message tone selection
Ships within 24 hours
Preview before send
Seasonal service
Advanced superresolution techniques


Limited to holiday season
No tracking for single cards
User buys own stamps
Just for cards
No downloadable image option
Not eco-friendly
Limited theme and styles
Cost for physical cards
No immediate delivery option


How does AIChristmas create unique holiday cards?
What is the process to generate a card with AIChristmas?
How can I personalize my AIChristmas card?
What kind of images can AIChristmas generate?
Can I choose the message content in AIChristmas card?
How much does an AIChristmas card cost?
Can I send an e-card with AIChristmas for free?
What is the quality of the printed AIChristmas cards?
Can AIChristmas mail the card directly to the recipient?
What are the dimensions of AIChristmas cards?
How long does shipping take for AIChristmas cards?
What material are AIChristmas cards printed on?
Can I see a preview of my card before I purchase it on AIChristmas?
Is AIChristmas only available during the holiday season?
Can the AIChristmas generate images and messages for other occasions apart from Christmas?
Are the images generated by AIChristmas blocky or blurry?
Can I purchase multiple AIChristmas cards at once?
What is the cost of a box of ten AIChristmas cards?
Does AIChristmas offer any environmentally friendly card options?
Can I track my AIChristmas card shipment?


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