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Design and optimize personalized websites.
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Bookmark's AiDA is an Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant that builds and optimizes websites to increase customer engagement and conversions. It eliminates 90 percent of the pain points associated with web design by using proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of data points, as well as periodically sending out unique optimization suggestions.

These recommendations can be implemented with a single click and help to deliver the best possible web experience for the user. AiDA is designed to be easy to use with no design or coding skills needed.

All the user has to do is answer a few questions about their business and goals and within 2 minutes they will have a personalized website they can further customize with simple drag and drop tools.

AiDA will also give suggestions to improve the user's website to ensure visitors have the best experience possible. Additionally, users can choose specific business goals they would like AiDA to optimize for, such as getting more appointments, increasing ecommerce page visits, getting more email leads, increasing phone calls, and focusing on specific sections of the website.

AiDA is always evolving and users can break free from static templates and bring their vision to life with the Ai powered platform. With the help of AiDA, users can fast track their path to success.

Aida was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 28th 2022.
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User Profile PictureArogundade Adejoke
Β· Jul 14, 2023
For anyone who wants to use bookmark, it has already been closed down albeit you can still visit the website but you can't register as a new user nor can you login as an existing one.
User Profile PictureLari EtelΓ€niemi
Β· May 24, 2023
There's a note on the site saying it will be closing on June 30th 2023. "'s website services platform will be closing operations on June 30, 2023."

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Pros and Cons


Optimizes for increased engagement
Analyzes millions of data points
Sends out optimization suggestions
One-click recommendation implementation
No design or coding skills needed
Personalized website in 2 minutes
Simple drag and drop tools
Provides improvement suggestions
Optimizes for specific business goals
Evolves with user needs
Fast tracks success
Ecommerce ready
Enables blog creation
Custom domain purchasing
User community and forum
Learning resources provided
Built-in email service
Design agency program
Ready for online store
Artificial Design Assistant
Auto-optimization of website
Focus on specific website sections
Custom forms creation
Access to design experts
14-day free trial
Integration with social media
Supports multiple website types
Affiliate program supported
E-learning resources available
Wide variety of templates


No coding customization
Limited design flexibility
Limited template options
Lack of advanced features
Unclear data privacy
Potential slow website generation
Dependent on pre-defined business goals


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What skills do I need to use AiDA?
How long does it take to create a website with AiDA?
Does AiDA allow for website customization?
Does AiDA offer ecommerce support?
Can AiDA help me increase my email leads?
Can I build a blog with AiDA?
Does AiDA provide design suggestions to improve the user experience?
How does AiDA help improve business appointments or bookings?
Can AiDA help in getting more clients to call my business from my website?
Does AiDA offer an option to focus on specific sections of my website?
Can I use AiDA to create and track customer surveys?
Does AiDA offer static or evolve with time?
Will AiDA auto-optimize my website or online store?
Is there a trial period for AiDA?
How does AiDA enhance visitor experience on my site?
What does AiDA offer in its Design Agency Program?


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