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Improved customer support via smart advice.
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Aide is an AI integration tool that helps customer support teams operate more efficiently by providing an intelligent overview of customer issues, enabling faster response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

With machine learning technology and intelligent suggestions, Aide identifies common issues and suggests solutions for faster responses. The tool offers inbound analytics, enabling teams to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and create better products and resolution steps for recurring issues.

Aide's models improve over time, meaning that the tool expands its coverage with no labeling required and adapts to changes in data for continuous improvement.In terms of benefits, Aide streamlines operations, reduces repetition, saves time, and helps onboard new agents faster.

The tool surfaces knowledge in Front and Zendesk and suggests solutions for every conversation, and its AI suggestions make new agents effective from day one, promoting consistency and adherence to standard operating procedures.

Aide's intelligent suggestions kick in automatically when a message is received, pre-emptively surfacing solutions for each issue. The tool also offers knowledge management capabilities, enabling teams to organize and share knowledge, keeping it up to date and easily accessible for when it's needed.

Overall, Aide supports people with intelligent tools to help them understand and shape the world around them.


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Aide was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Intelligent overview of issues
Fast response time
Increase customer satisfaction
Common issue detection
Intelligent suggestions
Inbound analytics
Opportunity identification
Product improvement suggestions
No labeling required
Adapts to data changes
Streamlines operations
Reduces repetition
Saves time
Fast agent onboarding
Knowledge surfaced in tools
Automatically activated suggestions
Knowledge management capabilities
Detailed customer issue visuals
Visual and semantic Analytics
Models improve over time
Hands-free usage
Continuously expanding coverage
Active learning integrated
Continuous improvement through adaptation
Tagging accuracy
Time saving for agents
Reduces time spent per ticket
Faster agent onboarding
Reduces turnaround time
Automated tagging
Pre-empts solution surfacing
Automation of mundane tasks
Full picture of customer interactions
Organizes and shares knowledge
Card and SOP creation
Knowledge imported from Front and Zendesk
Neat template and process organization


Limited integration options
Potentially high dependency
No mobile support
No multi-language support
No free version
No 24/7 support
Overreliance on data
Requires constant data input
May overlook customer nuances


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How does Aide streamline the operations of customer support teams?
Does Aide offer solutions for every conversation?
How does Aide assist in faster onboarding of new agents?
What are Aide's knowledge management capabilities?
Can Aide's suggestions kick in automatically when a message is received?
Up to what extent can Aide reduce repetition?
How does Aide surface knowledge in Front and Zendesk?
How does Aide help in creating better products and resolution steps?
Can Aide identify common issues and suggest solutions for fast responses?
What are the integrations available with Aide?
How does Aide help in reducing time spent on each ticket?
What is the significance of Aide's semantic analytics feature?
Does Aide offer any automations for mundane tasks?

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