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Personalized recipe creator with food tags.
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AI Chef is a revolutionary tool that allows users to create personalized recipes powered by AI. It provides a wide selection of food types to choose from, such as Mexican, Italian, Sushi, Greek, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Korean.

Users can also choose to count macros to better meet their dietary needs. Additionally, AI Chef allows users to customize the principal ingredients for their recipes, as well as the ingredients to skip.

It then provides a default recipe and the number of servings, so users can adjust the recipe to their liking. Finally, users can purchase credits to share their recipes or erase them.

AI Chef is the perfect tool for anyone looking to break free from boring diets and create recipes tailored to their own dietary needs and goals.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized recipe creator
Multiple cuisine types
Macros counting feature
Customizable ingredient selection
Option to skip ingredients
Recipe adjustment by servings
Recipe sharing option
Deletion option for recipes
Credit purchase for features
Integrated meal planner
Link ingredients to shopping


No offline capabilities
Requires purchase for recipe sharing
No multiple user profiles
Limited recipe customization
No native mobile app
Not allergy-friendly
Macro counting not automatic
Doesn't link to supermarkets
No meal planner integration
No dietary preference setting


What is AI Chef?
How does AI Chef work to create personalized recipes?
What types of food does AI Chef offer?
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Is there an option to exclude particular ingredients on AI Chef?
How does AI Chef handle dietary needs?
Can I adjust the number of servings in a recipe with AI Chef?
Is there a cost associated with using AI Chef?
How can I share my recipes from AI Chef?
What does 'Count Macros' mean on AI Chef?
Does AI Chef offer Vegan recipes?
Can AI Chef help me plan my meals?
Can the recipes from AI Chef be added to my shopping cart?
Can I erase a recipe after creating it with AI Chef?
What are 'Credits' in the context of AI Chef?
How can I buy more Credits on AI Chef?
Is signing in required to use AI Chef?
How are the recipes powered by AI on AI Chef?
Does AI Chef provide a default recipe?
How versatile is the selection of food types on AI Chef?

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