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Projecting familiarity through artificial intelligence.
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Deepbrain AI Avatar Solution is an advanced AI tool designed to mimic the appearance, sound and familiarity of a real person to enhance customer engagement.

It boasts a vast array of features. AI Avatars, which include more than 80 realistic digital figures, project a human-like character. AI Voices support over 80 languages, broadening their usability across different regions.

The tool encourages collaboration with AI Studios, which aids in video production. The video translation feature lets users translate videos into multiple languages rapidly.

This solution offers stylized, editable video templates and interactive conversational avatars compatible with large language models (LLMs). In addition, it provides a collection of AI tools, from Text to Video, Topic to Video, URL to Video, Docs to Video, and Article to Video, which streamline content creation by converting various inputs into video format.

It features a special space for Generative Art, an AI Script Assistant, and AI Video Translator. TikTok, YouTube, Reels, Business, News, commerce and event templates are also available.

Further features include a Custom dictionary, 3D Avatars, an AI video generator and Auto Captions. A unique feature offered by the program is a deepfake detector to ensure authenticity and alleviate potential misuse.

This AI Avatar solution provides efficient and cost-effective digital interactions, thereby enhancing customer experience. With its conversational avatars, the tool can engage users in more than 80 languages.

Additionally, it enables you to create immersive, on-brand experiences with its customizable digital avatars.


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AiHuman was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Cost-effective 24/7 service
Realistic human-like behavior
Variety of roles
Real-time conversations support
Integration with Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson
Support for 200+ languages
Easy consultation project setup
Can be applied in various industries
Over 100 licensed avatars
Customizable avatars
Supports multiple input-to-video conversions
Video editing capabilities
Deepfake detection
Multilanguage video translation
Interactive conversational avatars
Compatible with Large Language Models
Custom dictionary feature
3D Avatars availability
Auto Captions
Branding Kit
Multimedia support
Partnerships with Lenovo and Microsoft
High lifelike appearance rating
Realistic avatar movements
Minimum language response delay
Supports mobile and web devices
Fine-tuning services for existing LLMs
Secure LLM integrations
Multi-platform support
Simulates natural conversations
Lifelike avatar movements
Real-time low-latency responses
Can be embedded in a kiosk
Integration of Custom ChatGPT and LLM
Address inquiries and questions 24/7
Reduces workforce strain
Immediate response for customer retention
Involves a deepfake detector
3D metahuman avatars
Studio digital avatars
Face Swap feature
Realistic Avatar Gestures
Multilingual video translation


Limited human-like behavior
Possible miscommunication
Heavy reliance on Webhook
Requires internet connectivity
No self-learning capability
Lack of emotional intelligence
Requires fine-tuning for accuracy
May appear uncanny


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